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Significant life changing moment - Essay Example

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Yet, in spite of the ongoing flux that people undergo during their lives, they still sense that underneath the changing surface of…
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Significant life changing moment
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Download file to see previous pages e, entire fate gets changed from even very small changes in life, in this discussion I would tell you what turning points my life took and how I changed my self entirely.
I was born in a lower class family with so many problems and I saw my parents fighting all the time with no mercy, both of my parents were quite opposite to each other and they had no match, still I wonder why God made such a terrible match, but now I realize that it all happened because God was willing me to get birth from that couple, I was never comfortable as a child, though I was the only one to take birth and had no one around except my parents, as a kid I never gained attention of my parents because of numerous reasons, firstly my father who was a sports person, used to have very less earning and what ever he used to earn he never gave it to me and my mother, this was the first clash between my parents, secondly my mother also had to do part time jobs in order to support me and herself, so there was no way to get individual attention from either of my parents, life was never easy for me, I still remember when I used to walk and visualize all the happenings of my life at an early age, I tried my level best to bring my parents closer but was failed each time, may be because they were also never comfortable with each other and also they never thought of sacrificing their lives for me and one day they both got apart forever, I was five when they got divorced, it was decided that I would live with my mother as my father was never willing to keep me and that is what exactly happened, “Modern childhood is often portrayed in terms of enhanced democratic relationships between parents and children, with the assumption that childrens negotiating power has increased over time”(Jensen, 1: 2003).
My father was a strange person and he was said to be psychotic by my mother in which she was quite true, my father remarried to his old time friend who was a nurse at some hospital but he was again a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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