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Why should theories of international relations be concerned with/address the issue of global inequality Discuss in relation to two or more theories of IR of yo - Essay Example

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Since in reality the world is shrinking and this is commonly known as the global village. The phenomenon can be attributed to different factors designed to work in a macro-dimensional level,…
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Why should theories of international relations be concerned with/address the issue of global inequality Discuss in relation to two or more theories of IR of yo
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Extract of sample "Why should theories of international relations be concerned with/address the issue of global inequality Discuss in relation to two or more theories of IR of yo"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization should have been able to level (more or less) the playing fields for all member countries. Since, it is anchored on the supposition that “free competition on a global scale has liberated inventive and entrepreneurial talents and accelerated technological developments”(Soros 2002: 4). But it appears not to be the case. As the phases of development moves faster eventually dubbed of making life easy and inevitably aimed in creating a better world to live in for those in the affluent first world countries, there are still many people, many countries who are lagging behind, wallowing in poverty and underdevelopment – the poor countries. This widening gap between rich counties and poor countries is the surest sign of the pervading global inequality that the world is experiencing now.
But as human is “historical, as a self-developing and self-transforming” (Cochran, 1999, p.81) agent whose actions give rise to the parturition of social classes, which ends up not only on issues of equality in the domestic but also raises issues that pertain to inequalities in the international level. Man then, has the obligation to address it since the problem of international inequality is, not only arising from man’s actions itself, but it is one of the stark realities the world is compounded with. And that international relations ought to address the issue since “the world is increasingly interdependent, relations among states have an ever widening and deepening impact on the economic, intellectual and social conditions of our existence” (Schleicher 1953: 5). As such, what is IR? And how does it address the question of global inequality?
What is IR? Surveys are conducted on the field that yielded various results. “For some, IR means the diplomatic-strategic relations of states …focused on the issues of war, peace, conflict and cooperation. Others see IR as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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