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Spruell, Sakina. "The Tough Get Going: In a Merciless Business Environment, the B.E. Industrial Service 100 Produced a Number of Casualties-And Winners." Black Enterprise June 2004: 111+
1. Washington Times article "Natural Gas Hits Resistance as Fuel…
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Public Utility News Articles
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Download file to see previous pages Due to extraordinary characteristics of natural gas: high concentration of methane, efficiency in heat generation, and ecological safety, the global tendency, despite a higher price, is to use natural gas widely in transportation and electricity generation. The negative economic consequences for private and residential users resulting from gas usage are hoped to be covered through an increase in funding of natural gas technology development and local transportation subsidies.
2. The uniqueness of public utility sector makes it one of the most vulnerable constitutes of national economy, this is the major introduced in the article “Priority Required for Utility Security” published in Washington Times. US electric, oil, gas, nuclear, water supply systems can turn out to be the primary terrorists’ target. The continuity of service provided by public utility institutions in not questioned by the majority of citizens, however, the supply system might turn out to be the most sensitive part of the national economy. Utility related attacks are a major concern due to the fact that the national well-being depends on it. Also, the fact that water supply system can be used for further spread of bio-chemical weaponry should be considered. Thus, even if the population would still be able to live for a short period of time without water, the consequences of epidemics can hardly be overestimated. Security of public utility sector raises major life dependent issues.
3. Sakina Spruell in the article "The Tough Get Going: In a Merciless Business Environment, the B.E. Industrial Service 100 Produced a Number of Casualties-And Winners" provides an overview of the public utility institutions, major means of competition, leaders and the ways the leadership was achieved in a specific sphere of public utility industry. Major aspects of competition are introduced: non-discrimination, just market price and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Public Utility News Articles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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