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Abraham Lincoln - Essay Example

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Abraham Lincoln is considered to be one of the greatest American presidents who expressed himself as not simply a forceful war while demonstrating the vast power inherent in the presidency, but as a dictator, albeit in many accounts a benevolent and constitutional dictator…
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Abraham Lincoln
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Download file to see previous pages . . ."1 In the following paper I would like to discuss Abraham Lincolns policies during the civil war. The discussion will be structured in the way that will shape Presidents motives in actual conducting the war and mostly pointed into defining whether the reasons were to abolish slavery or receive economic benefit.
Faced with heavy Union losses and the destructive nature of the war, Abraham Lincoln, an antislavery proponent, gradually adopted slave emancipation as the most prudent means of ending the conflict between North and South, bringing an end to the war, and thus paving the way to a reunited nation. Lincolns role in the destruction of the institution of slavery during the Civil War and afterward is widely accpeted to be the reason of Civil War as the institution of slavery, so instrumental in dividing the nation, provided Linocoln with an effective tool for ending the conflict. Slowly, at a pace too deliberate for most blacks and many Republicans, Linocoln gradually approached emancipation through the Confiscation Acts, compensation plans, and the Emancipation Proclamation (Abbott, 1968). None of these plans provided for immediate or full emancipation. Even the much-touted Emancipation Proclamation excluded slaves in all the border states and in Confederate areas controlled by the Union as of January 1, 1863, offering freedom only to those slaves living in Confederate strongholds--the very areas in which Linocoln could not enforce his proclamation. At best, the Emancipation Proclamation opened the door to freedom, but it left millions still enslaved.
Even when war seemed inescapable, Lincoln remained the premier politician and chief adherent to the Constitution regarding the slavery issue; but observers thousands of miles away lacked his keen understanding of these domestic political and legal realities and began to ponder the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Abraham Lincoln Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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...repudiating Douglas’s argument that the Constitution made no moral judgments regarding slavery or extension of slavery. Similarly, Lincoln was aware that the Constitution authorizes the president “to employ the means for carrying on a war; very well, freeing the South’s black slaves and arming them will constitute the heaviest blow yet dealt to the rebellion” (Guelzo 359). Lincoln thus believed that even waging a war to save the Union was quite constitutional. Therefore, it was no surprise that the Civil war was waged in an effort to keep the Union intact. Later, Abraham Lincoln realized that “the one single method for closing off any further life for slavery in the...
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... that slavery is abolished from the country. All the authors however, suggested that new research may shed further light on the overall personality of Lincoln and his contribution. Works Cited Holt, Michael F. Lincoln Reconsidered. Septemeber 2009. 03 May 2012 lincoln/contents/holt.html>. Swaine, Jon. Abraham Lincoln wanted to deport slaves to new colonies. 11 Feb 2011. 3 May 2012 Abraham-Lincoln-wanted-to-deport-slaves-to-new-colonies.html>. Time. The True Lincoln. 26 June 2005. 3 May 2012 .... Abraham Lincoln was 16th President of US and is considered as one of the greatest Presidents in the history of country because he led the nation through military, constitutional as well as moral crisis. The article “The True Lincoln” which appeared...
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... and federal income tax. He also presided over the establishment of a national currency that has played a big role in improving American currency. Lincoln had many turning points in his legal and political career and that is what made him successful. Works Cited Freedman, Russell. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012.... ABRAHAM LINCOLN Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of United s and he served from March 1861 to April 1865 when he got assassinated. He led America through her Greatest, military, moral and constitutional crisis. He played a significant role in ending the American...
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... through Jimmy Carter in five classes: initiative qualities, achievements/crisis administration, political abilities, errands, and character/trustworthiness. The top position was occupied by Abraham Lincoln. He was trailed by Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, and Harry Truman. (millercenter)None of these different Presidents surpassed Lincoln in any classification as per the rate scale. Roosevelt fell into second place in light of the fact that he didnt measure up to Lincoln in character. Washington, close behind, positioned third due to his lesser political aptitudes. It is the general sentiment of surveyors, besides, that the normal American would most likely put...
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... state government made provision for schools for these children. While this arrangement is not all that he might desire, Lincoln suggests that it is moving in the right direction and is all the more proud because it was largely self-driven by the members of the state. As a result of this legislation, he predicts that the state will be quicker to bring itself into more proper alignment with the northern parts of the nation and thus more capable of sharing in and contributing to the national prosperity. Works Cited Johnson, Michael P. Abraham Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War. Boston: Bedford St. Martins, 2001....
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... over forcing people to do what he wants, “People generally want to believe that what they’re doing truly makes a difference and, more important, that it is their own idea.” (Philips, 1993, p. 40). The second part of the book is centered on the characteristics and habits of highly successful people and effective leaders. Abraham Lincoln is also affectionately known as 'Honest Abe' and, if the legends are true, he rightly deserved to be called this, Phillips suggests that the level of honesty that Lincoln processed is part of what made him a great leader since he was able to inspire trust in his followers,“The architecture of leadership, all the theories and guidelines, falls apart without honesty and integrity”(Phillips, 1993, p. 52...
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.... The following essay is a research paper that builds its argument through comparative analysis of various sources of information on the rhetoric of Abraham Lincoln. Analysis of Lincoln’s rhetoric has led to varied opinions among scholars concerning his literary skills as well as his leadership qualities. Such scholars include Mark Neely, Jr., who is a Lincoln scholar and a Pulitzer Prize winning historian. The other is David Herbert Donald, who is a leading American historian of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Neely views Lincoln as reactive and subject to changing events, while Donald sees Lincoln as...
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... became the father of the army. His loyalty, compassion, and endurance made him the most recognized president of the United States. He had his own innate leadership qualities, and at the same time he was a transformational leader as well. Works Cited Gardner, John. On Leadership. The Free Press, 1993. Print. Jago, Arthur G. “Leadership: perspectives in theory and research”. Management Science, (1982, 28(3), 315- 336. Leidner, Gordon. “Lincoln the Transformational Leader”. Lincoln Herald (2011): 111-118. Phillips, Donald T. Lincoln On Leadership. Illinois: DTP Companion Books, 1992. Print. Williams, Frank J et al. Abraham Lincoln: Sources and Style of Leadership. Greenwood Publishing Group, 1994. Print....
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Lincoln, a historical drama movie, primarily focuses on these efforts of Lincoln. Directed by Steven Spielberg with a screenplay by Tony Kushner, it features the final four months of Lincolns life, as he puts in his best efforts to have the Thirteenth Amendment passed by the House of Representatives. President Lincoln’s sense of urgency to pass the Thirteenth Amendment was justified and fitted to the times because with the Civil War about to end in 1865, there were chances of discarding the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation with Supreme Court’s aid, and importantly Lincoln wanted to actualize equality without any form racial discrimination.
The life of Abraham Lincoln overlapped with many dramatic political and soci...
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