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ADVERTISING - Essay Example

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Advertising, in its simplest form, is the way in which the vendor or manufacturer of a product communicates with consumers via a medium, or many different media…
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Extract of sample "ADVERTISING"

Pros and Cons of Advertising Advertising is a process, not a medium in its own right, although it uses different media forms to communicate. Advertising, in its simplest form, is the way in which the vendor or manufacturer of a product communicates with consumers via a medium, or many different media (Advertising). Advertising has become necessary in business or any endeavor these days. Businesses and organizations need to get the attention of the mostly busy 21st century citizens of the world. Advertising strategies have to be well planned in order for it to be successful in today’s advertisement jungle. Failure to come up with a well-planned advertising strategy could cost the company lots of money.
Advertising contribute a lot to the economy. Advertising is now a 250+ billion dollar industry. Advertising is a substantial part of the income of mass media. Advertising creates jobs in the economy. Advertising has been the ingredient that has made many firms successful. Disallowing advertising would cause failure of many of those firms. Failure of firms hurts the economy (Taylor). On the contrary, successes of business enterprises have a positive impact on the overall economy thus creating more jobs. Advertising has become the prime source of marketplace information for consumers (Taylor). Many readers are grateful for advertising because it lets the vendor speak directly to the consumer about the product, without the editorial filtering evident in most reviews and resource articles (Hegener). Paid commercial advertising can be viewed as a gesture of faith in the readers ability to weigh the arguments provided and to make an informed decision. Many readers purchase magazines specifically for the advertising they contain, and travel, hobby, computer and fashion magazines are only a few categories where advertising routinely makes up a large percentage of the overall content (Hegener).
However, today’s advertising field is like a jungle, advertising media in any form are being bombarded with huge amount of advertisements. In order for businesses to attract a customers attention to their particular advertisement, the ads need to be eye-catching and perhaps make use of the psychological effects of color (Advertising). One main disadvantages of advertisement is that consumers may tend to be more familiar with a whole brand, as opposed to individual products (Advertising). Moreover, the process of advertising has made the consumer associate values with products that may not have a real connection to them - for instance, Nike has always selected rebellious athletes to promote its shoes, the bad boys of basketball, tennis & football, and therefore the Nike brand has connotations of rebelliousness, of doing whatever it takes to win (Advertising). Another notable disadvantage of advertising is that it contributes to the high cost of consumer goods. The high cost of advertising is usually added to the overall cost of the product or services that the consumer buys. One best example of this is the drug industry. Generic drug or unbranded drugs are several times cheaper than most famous brands that paid dearly for their promotion despite having the same generic contents.
Advertising does not control human behavior it merely influences it and it works by way of a sequence of communication events (Taylor). Despite the popularity of advertisement, the quality of the product or services offered cannot be ignored. It is still the deciding factor for success in business. However, advertising has become an important part of society today. It benefits businesses, organizations, as well as individual consumers. Advertising helps the business sector grow which eventually influence the country’s economy. However, the misuse of the power of advertising could be an instrument of evil (e.g. investment fraud, untruthful advertising, destructive cults etc.).
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