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Recommendation MEMO to Darla Domke - Research Proposal Example

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The main purpose of this memo is to write to Darla Domke who as a nutritionist has experienced the busy schedule that does not provide room for most of the workers and aged people to prepare their own meals. As a nutritionist, her career did not give her the opportunity to…
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Download file to see previous pages She believes that she will have a upper hand in her business The most appropriate step for Darla Domke to take when setting up the I’ll cook for you business is to establish her own in house advertising and not hire an outside advertising agency (Dunung 2010, p. 22).
Advertising comes with a number of drawbacks. Thus depending on the decision that an individual has made to start a business it is important that they choose the most appropriate kid of advertising strategy that will meet their needs as well as that of their customers. From the pros and cons listed in relation to whether Darla Domke should hire an outside advertising agency or develop an in-house advertising agency, it would be appropriate for her to set up her own advertising agency that she will be able to work within her own schedule and incorporate a number of ideas that are within her area of competency (Pringle & Starr, 2006, p. 161). With her own services, she can use them to serve as her advertising strategy at the same time (Provost 2014, par 1-8). Establishing an in house advertising agency as opposed to the hiring of an outside advertising agency has benefits that include the ability to effectively save on time and costs as well as the ease of control of activities. There is room to make faster and informed decisions. One of the disadvantages that is normally associated with the establishment of an in house advertising agency is that most of the people in the business may not have the required experience and expertise (Kazmi, Batra &U Satish 2008, p. 64).
For the case of Darla who is a qualified nutritionist, getting time off her regular office job will give her more time to prepare high quality meals. She will also make use of her skills and abilitities to ensure that the meals she prepares are healthy and of the appropriate quality. In addition, if she requires any additional personnel, she should ensure that they have the relevant level of professionalism, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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