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Japan's Soft Power in Australia - Research Paper Example

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The concept of soft power has been coined recently and it is all about getting work done by cooperation, this concept is very unlike other concepts and it mainly focuses on cooperation. This paper will expansively present the concept of soft power; it will specifically throw light upon the case of soft power of Japan in Australia…
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Japans Soft Power in Australia
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Extract of sample "Japan's Soft Power in Australia"

Download file to see previous pages Significant points will be highlighted all through the research proposal. Several research questions will further help in enlightening the concept of Soft Power and how useful it can be for a country.
The concept of Soft Power has been recently coined and it can change the fortune of a country within literally no time, Japan has benefitted a lot from their Soft Power in Australia. The healthy cooperation between the two countries is a very healthy and mutually dependent partnership. Japan is also competing with the likes of Korea and China for Asian supremacy and it is high time for them to grow by leaps and bounds in order to beat the competition presented by their rivals.
This research is very significant because outlines the fact that hard power no longer works effectively and in order to maximize the gain this concept of Soft Power has been introduced. This proposal will mainly deal with intriguing questions that will throw light upon this delicate concept and how this is being made use of by several countries in order to establish themselves globally.
The bonding between Japan and Australia is very evident and the two countries share a great relationship be it in business or for that matter any other field. These two nations have brought in a real revolution and the chemistry that they share has been named as a "Core" relationship by people who have taken a conspicuous notice of the relationship between the two countries. This core relationship is very enticing because it guarantees safety; the level of safety is much higher when compared to any other Asian nation. This paper will expansively present Japan's soft power in Australia; in addition to this the paper will also throw light upon Japanese cultural, economic and political influence to Australia and ideology especially after World War Two.
There is a very healthy interdependence between Australia and Japan, Australia plays a pivotal role in equipping Japan with necessary resources and energy security. 22 % of Japan's energy needs are taken care of by Australia. This interdependence is extremely important for both countries in order to maintain a healthy relationship with all the other countries located in and around the vicinity. "Former Western Australian premier Geoff Gallop, now an academic at Murdoch University, made exactly this point: "Our growing links to China and India [should be] put into the context of our long-term and still developing partnerships with Japan.
In all of our thinking about Asian engagement we cannot ignore the strength of our links to Japan. We share democratic values, face similar demographic and social challenges, and have many interests in common in respect of regional and international issues." (Beyond the Mainstream)
This research will employ the methodology of research; main focus will be on the statistics and facts. How Japan and Australia have benefitted out of this relationship will be proved by the help of several examples and most importantly focus will also be on what it takes to establish Soft Power in another country and what problems the same is capable of creating.
Japan's economic political and other important aspects are pivotal and they will be taken into account in this research. The resurgence of Japan ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Japan'S Soft Power in Australia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Japan'S Soft Power in Australia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Japan'S Soft Power in Australia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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