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Restaurant Consulting Firm - Assignment Example

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A proposal for setting up a restaurant consulting firm is in the pipeline and the motive is to come up with a team that would efficiently look into the providing service to restaurants in streamlining their activities. This paper attempts to firstly analyse the skill-sets the team must possess and then goes on to talk about how the consulting firm can utilize the team's skills.
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Restaurant Consulting Firm
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Extract of sample "Restaurant Consulting Firm"

R.Preeti 2/5/2008 RESTAURANT CONSULTING FIRM A proposal for setting up a restaurant consulting firm is in the pipeline and the motive is to come up with a team that would efficiently look into the providing service to restaurants in streamlining their activities. This paper attempts to firstly analyse the skill-sets the team must possess and then goes on to talk about how the consulting firm can utilize the team's skills.

The most important skill a team-member should have, is the power to think creative and act out of the box. Restaurants are creative ventures and in order to lure in customers, each one must be creative and uniquely different from the others.
The next skill-set would be organisation and communication. Since the consulting service deals with interaction, communication skills are extremely important. The ability to talk convincingly and persuasively is very important. In addition to this, the services are mainly towards streamlining restaurants and their operations. Therefore, being extremely organized and proper is important.
Today's world operates extensively on computers and the internet. It is therefore, imperative to possess knowledge with regards to computers and using the internet to operate services for further reach. Therefore, in all, critical and creative thinking abilities, excellent communication skills, organizational capacities and being well-acquainted with computer functioning and the internet are the skill-sets that the team must possess.
A restaurant consulting firm is a great idea to collaborate the skill-sets mentioned. This is because, the current retail boom and globalization has resulted in the springing up of restaurants everywhere, with international gourmet on the menu.
The skill-sets like creative thinking, communication, organizational skills and computer abilities are perfectly appropriate for a restaurant consultancy, especially considering the boom of this sector worldwide.
Working as a consultancy helps build teams and work in coordination and cooperation. Thus, it si evident that the skill-sets and the work complement each other.
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Restaurant Consulting Firm Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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