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The term Gaia is multi-faceted; it being the name of the mythical Greek Goddess of the Earth, as well as referring to the Gaia hypothesis which is the belief that the Earth is one living organism and all of its components are unified. Although these are two completely different areas of study one could say that they are promoting the same belief, that is the idea that the Earth as one, a 'Mother-Earth'.
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Download file to see previous pages This would not be possible if the Earth's components were functioning separately. "It has never been too hot or too cold for life to survive on our planet, in spite of drastic changes in the composition of the early atmosphere and variations in the sun's output energy." (Lovelock, p 48).
This is linked to humans in the way that our bodies sweat and shiver to maintain a body temperature. The Earth is not exactly shivering or sweating but is regulating its own temperature as most living organisms do, which is why the hypothesis stating that earth is functioning as a single organism is called the Gaia hypothesis, named after the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth.
The word Gaia may have many different meanings in many different circles but the essence is the same. Gaia is the Earth, its spirit, its Goddess and it's the unique technique in which the earth functions, a self-contained and remarkable anomaly in our solar system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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