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Business Strategy - Jobcentre Plus - Essay Example

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Even within a stable and successful economy, there are many individuals who need further help to move into work. Jobcentre Plus aims to provide that support both to benefit the individuals concerned and to support the Government's wider objectives of sustained economic growth, higher productivity and low inflation…
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Business Strategy - Jobcentre Plus
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Extract of sample "Business Strategy - Jobcentre Plus"

Download file to see previous pages Jobcentre's culture will be driven by the clear objective set by Ministers of "work for those who can, support for those who cannot." This clear work-focus will be apparent in everything Jobcentre do for Jobcentre's customers. Jobcentre plus will emphasize to them the link between benefits and work, with their associated rights and responsibilities. This will include a determination to reduce fraud and irregularity by ensuring that only those entitled to benefits receive them. But Jobcentre plus will also be about a much higher quality of customer service. Jobcentre plus will build on the existing successes of the Benefits Agency and the Employment Service by introducing more personal advisers with greater flexibility; more contact to keep people in touch with the labour market; more focus on meeting employers' needs and more emphasis on benefit integrity and accuracy.
Jobcentre's service will treat each customer as an individual rather than as one of a group narrowly defined by benefit entitlement. Jobcentre's aim will be to tailor what Jobcentre can offer to what each individual needs. For instance, Jobcentre plus will take care to treat disabled people according to their individual circumstances. As a further example, parents who want to return to the workplace will be offered guidance to identify and relate the skills they have acquired as parents to those required by employers.
For employers Jobcentre plus will provide a much more outcome-focused and professional service based on improved communications, dedicated vacancy service managers and local account managers, building on the foundations already laid in the New Deal and more widely.
Jobcentre plus will deliver Jobcentre's services through the full range of channels offered by modern technology, including the internet, touch screen terminals and customer service centres. Jobcentre aim to offer employers in the Pathfinders a more effective service which responds to their requirements. Jobcentre plus will do this by working with them to understand their needs and the demands of the different industry sectors in which they operate. This means co-operating with employers, the local Learning and Skills Councils and other local training and education partners to customise training to meet industry and local employer needs.
Jobcentre also aim to be better at matching the people without jobs to the jobs without people. This will involve us working with individuals to prepare them for the needs of employers and also working with employers to ensure they can make use of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Strategy - Jobcentre Plus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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