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Alternate Finance Program - Essay Example

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The key global markets of The UK, The USA and Australian economy have throughout occupied the facilities management thinking. Each of these markets has their share to give, similar yet so distinguished, but the leader remains UK, particularly in the field of PPP…
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Alternate Finance Program
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Extract of sample "Alternate Finance Program"

Download file to see previous pages The AFP program, in Ontario, also aims at procuring private sector involvement in the Design, Build, Finance and long term Facilities Management (FM) of these new public projects. The AFP process introduced the concept of post construction operation of buildings, to the building industry, an area where they hitherto had no significant expertise. A salient difference between the UK model and the AFP in Ontario is a contractual prerequisite for buildings to be accredited in accordance with the parameters set out in the LEED set of guidelines, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. These are a set of target driven design standards for producing "Green" or sustainable buildings.
There is a swelling trend of looking at the outsourcing of non-core activities by a facilities management as an expert service provider. In this research, we would look at the hard facilities management; this expertise is discussed and provides credibility throughout this research as a fast emerging and strategic partnership role for FM professionals in building design development. The research details the existing roles and responsibilities of FM professionals and shows how they now must be merged into the design, build, finance areas along with their involvement in post construction process. My focus throughout the paper remains that the role of the FM practitioner must be that of a strategic partner to the construction consortium as their experience and expertise in managing the operation and maintenance of buildings is a necessity for successful AFP procurement and post construction execution.

Last but not the least, this research involves resource material references, web articles, professional journals and interviews with industry professionals to support the hypothesis that FM Professionals are strategic to successful AFP projects.

Chapter 1 Introduction
U can add more definations if u think there is a requirement
Chapter 2 Literature Review
a) The role of facility management in alternative finance program design
b) Sustainability and Maintenance in AFP
c) LEED Accreditation, Energy and environmental issues
Chapter 3 Situational analysis of Ontario
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Chapter 4 Methodology
Why have you chosen this method of research
Data analysis
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Chapter 5 Conclusion and recommendations

Questionnaires (whatever you have concluded from the questionnaire will go to data analysis.)

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Traditionally, Construction Companies never get involved at an operational level post warranty and the idea of long term responsibility for their product was sometimes new and unknown territory where they had little or no expertise. PPP arrangements are being embraced by different governments around the world, to promote collaboration between public and private sector. The ventures, which are financed and operated, through a partnership of government and involves one or may be more private sectors are referred as Public Private Partnership (PPP).
"Any collaboration between public bodies, such as local authorities or central government, and private companies tends to be referred to a public-private partnership (PPP)." BBC (2003)
Another definition by Pearce (n d.) will explain it further:
"PPP exists where the public and private sector work together in a long term partnership to deliver a common ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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