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The mail - Essay Example

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I need your assistance in the preparation of a presentation where am hosting very important people in the society, I am expecting the chief executive officer and other senior officials from the distant learning company on the 27th of this month. My main objective in this presentation is to obtain a two million dollars loan to fund a distance learning company I want to start, if all goes well then it will commence next year.
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The mail
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Extract of sample "The mail"

Identifying Your Intent unit3IP: The mail I need your assistance in the preparation of a presentation where am hosting very important people in the society, I am expecting the chief executive officer and other senior officials from the distant learning company on the 27th of this month. My main objective in this presentation is to obtain a two million dollars loan to fund a distance learning company I want to start, if all goes well then it will commence next year.
All the guests I expect to attend hold a masters degree and above from various recognized universities, therefore their main interest will be determine if I deserve the loan, they would also like to learn how I will budget the money and how I will obtain students to enrollee in the courses that will be offered.
Repayment of the loan is also important to them and at what rate it will be repaid, I am planning to repay the loan in two years time since I have already registered three hundred students who are to commence their studies next year. I already have 0.5 million dollars as capital and the extra funds will enable me to rent offices, hire lecturers, buy office furniture and equipments, and advertise in the media and internet and also to obtain a license which is very expensive to obtain.
The presentation is the key to the success or failure of my plans therefore after the presentation I want the audience to be confident and satisfied with my plan and offer me the money, if it's possible I would like them to ask me to consider their partnership in the company.
The presentation will last for at most three hours, I will therefore need to have a visual aid which include an LCD projector, a laptop and in this case led me yours and also a hearing aid. I am therefore needed to have slides that will aid me in communicating to them. Due to the long session of the presentation I need to engage the audience to participate through asking questions, I will also need to present challenges that will be faced by the company and also crack some few jokes.
Topics to be discussed during the session will include background information about distance learning, how the program started and who initiated it, what the future holds for this type of learning. The next topic will be on how I came up with the idea of starting the company and my expected returns, still under this topic I will discuss the problems I am facing now and those that I expect to face in future. The third topic will be on what remedies I will have to put in place to solve the problems and here I will discuss the importance of the loan towards my project.
I will finally discuss the capital required and the nature of my budget, I will conclude the session by asking my audience to participate by asking questions and commenting on my presentation and this will be the end of the session and at this point I will get response from the chief executive officer whether I deserve the loan
Thank you very much and I hope you will give me advice on how I will dress, the style of speaking and also how I will present my ideas in a simple manner yet enable me achieve the best presentation my guests have ever attended, am therefore looking forward for positive responses from you as we prepare for the presentation.
James, Benjamin and Ramie McKerrow (1994) Business and Professional Communication, Harper Collins publishers, New York Read More
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The Mail Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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