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Langston Hughes - Research Proposal Example

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Langston Hughes is a well-known writer who was born as a black-American and soon has been noted as a homosexual. One could just imagine the kind of discrimination that he has experienced in his life as a developed writer as a writer in the American society…
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Langston Hughes Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Langston Hughes"

Download file to see previous pages (Biography book, 1969, 43) It could be noted that through this, Langston Hughes was bale to become one of the most remarkable writers to note the possibility of reaching the American dream of being untied as one particular community that is able to live together peacefully amidst the daunting challenges brought about by living in a diverse community today.
Most of the written works of Hughes deal with social inequality. From the birth of slavery to the development of social stratification procedures and the existence of social and racial discrimination in the human society today, Hughes was able to describe how it actually feels to be different. As someone who was able to experience the effects of such differences and social stratification systems, it could be observed that Hughes is one of the most reliable sources of explanation as to how discrimination and racial differences could actually affect a person's growth. Hence, through his writings, Hughes aims to create a considerable call to each individual being affected by the said situation as well as to each authority who could be expected to give a least some considerable solutions to the matter, to give attention to these primary situations in the human society today. ...
A change on the treatment that the oppressed communities or individuals are receiving should be well considered for making a better human society.
Understanding the Thoughts of Hughes
Equality amidst differences. This is the primary thought that Hughes himself aims to portray in his written works like that of the poem entitled "Let America Be America Again". In this reading, he further notes that amidst diversity, America could still be recognized as one particular community of united people again as per taken into consideration based from the possible adjustments that the people of the said society could do to at least answer the need of living together as one within a community of their own. To the said author, differences need not hinder a certain community from becoming united in terms of dreams and aspirations towards the future. Hence, in this case, his poem further identifies the elemental factors that divide America and later on proposes a possible plausible change that could assist in refining the American society towards a more progressive community living in a united state.
The Realities of Present Human Life and Hughes' Ideas
(A) Langston Hughes and the Issues of Slavery
According to the study of Baldwin and Toplin (2006), the written works of Hughes actually notes the existence of the author's desire for the idealism of survival. To the said author, life is a gift of hope wrapped around several ribbons of challenges that if one is able to unwrap it, then he realizes his own worth as a person. (Baldwin, et al, 2006, 17). The very idealistic and positive nature of a society that is desired and dreamed by many is that it is to be founded in accordance to the values of equality and liberty. (Baldwin, et al, 2006, 22) This is the utopian model of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Langston Hughes Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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