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Business IT A Professional Issues Group Report - Essay Example

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The increased cost of consultation, examination, and treatment is driving people to seek online health advisory, particularly of illnesses necessitating a prolonged medication. This simple, low cost, clinically relevant intervention improves the delivery of preventive health services by prompting physicians of evidence-based recommendations in a checklist format that incorporates existing practice patterns…
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Business IT A Professional Issues Group Report
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Download file to see previous pages Improving treatment of depression in primary care requires properly organized treatment programmes, regular follow-up, monitoring of treatment adherence, and a prominent role for the mental health specialist as educator, consultant, guide and clinician. Future research should focus on how guidelines are best implemented in routine practice, since conventional strategies are not displaying any substantial improvement in their impact on patients.
*Shifting patients away from mental health specialists decreases costs but worsens functioning outcomes. The appropriate strategy for making care for depression treatment cost-effective is through quality improvement and not through changing specialty mix. *Psychologists managing patients on antidepressant medications did as well as psychiatrists in reducing functioning limitations and were superior to primary care physicians.)
*Pharmacotherapy be preferred over psychotherapy for the severely depressed, cognitive therapy, with supportive management. Either medication or psychotherapy could serve as the initial treatment for patients with mild or moderate depression.
Our summation is that the idea to turn treatment of depression over to primary care physicians using antidepressant medications ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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