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Being born and raised in a conservative family, the concept of ethics has been imprinted in my system as early as I can remember. My parents have taught me what is morally and socially acceptable and equate it with what is ethical. Thus, my perception of what is ethical or not is rooted at my family of origin where moral values and virtues are taught…
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Personal Statement of Ethics
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2 February 2008 Personal ment of Ethics Being born and raised in a conservative family, the concept of ethics has been imprinted in my system as early as I can remember. My parents have taught me what is morally and socially acceptable and equate it with what is ethical. Thus, my perception of what is ethical or not is rooted at my family of origin where moral values and virtues are taught. From my young mind, I am taught that an action is ethical if it does not violate mom and dad's rules, if it inflicts no harm on other people, and if it becomes beneficial for third parties. Thus, upholding ethics means refraining from using four-lettered words, minding my table manners, controlling my temper, and not telling a lie.
When I was a child, my concept of ethics has been confined in being good and right to the people within my small circle. However, as I grew older and exposed to the realities of this world, I begin to learn that ethics is more than just pleasing the people which are around me. I realize that in order to maintain my integrity and credibility as an individual, I should be able to establish my own ethical standards backed by what I believe to be morally excellent. As I go about making my own stand, I learn that upholding my ethical beliefs is a struggle where I need to battle with the conflicting ideologies of the people around me. I begin to understand that what my parents taught me are quite shallow compared to what I learn with my various experiences yet they provide a good foundation of how to decide whether something is acceptable or not.
My definition of ethics goes beyond what is socially acceptable as right. Looking at the current world situation, it now appears that our society have tolerated and absorbed previously unethical behaviors and added them into our value system. For instance, I strongly assert that gay marriage is not ethically because it destroys the original purpose of a woman's creation that is, to be the completeness of a man. I also oppose abortion and even premarital sex which is very prevalent in our society. Basing on the premise that ethics should not be detrimental to any party, these practices highly contributes to the moral degradation in the society. Summing up my understanding of what is ethical or not goes beyond what is socially and legally acceptable into what is morally excellent, is beneficial to all parties involved, and Biblically correct.
In this respect, I will uphold my ethical belief by keeping my integrity as a human being by being mindful of the people around me including anyone who are not within my family circle. I will not get into or even tolerate drug addiction because it leads to various crimes. Smoking is also unethical as it hazardous not only to my health but also by the people who are around me. I will be maintaining my harmonious relationship with others by being sincere and affectionate at all times, acting as fair and honest as possible. Academically speaking, I will not tolerate cheating in any form and other misconduct such as disrespecting my teachers and classmates. I will treat them with the utmost concern and respect which are rightly due to them. Read More
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Personal Statement of Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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