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Four Points Kingston - Case Study Example

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Four point Kingston is a popular and a well reputed holiday resort which has opened for the public from the year 2000. By reading the case of the place one can give an easy implementation and the recommendations for the planning to be made in the place. It is having a well reputed name in the Kingston area and it attracts many tourists and the visitors to this place mainly due to the service and the reputation…
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Four Points Kingston
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Download file to see previous pages The objective of the Four Point Kingston is that to provide the proper response and service to the people or the customers who comes there and to provide them rooms with a nominal and a reasonable tariff compared to the other resorts or the hotels. Apart from that they also provide the people with a good equipment room and lot of relaxation games and the activities that are present there. Also to give the customers a happy and a long lasting memory full of happiness about the stay in the resort.
Four Point Kingston is providing a lot of features to the customer but it also have some other problems and issues they are nothing but the problems due to the competitions and the future planning. This has to be taken into account and should be dealt in an expertise manner in order to avoid the bitter results because the competitive places are also the reputed ones and they do provide a good customer service. The main problem is that the competitive places have a fully equipped sight seeing place that is from the place the Kingston harbor is visible and is able to provide the customers a nice sight seeing place in the same way four point also provides the sight seeing of a lake which tallies the other.
Apart from this pro

Apart from this problem Four Point also suffers some other problem which is the vacancy of the rooms. Most of the customers who arrive to Kingston come mainly to be relaxed and to get some pleasure. So most of the rooms get booked only in the season timing and mostly they are all peak at that time. But at the other timings most of the rooms are left just like that this is the other problem faced by the Kingston group.

The Four Point Kingston is a nice place for the tourists to stay and enjoy having pleasure but also certain things has to get enhanced because there are certain places that has been developed in a greater extent to attract more number of people. So it has to concentrate on the profits and the enhanced services that have to be provided in the mere future.


Lot of recommendations can be given for the development in the short term the main thing that has to be increased is the revenues to the concern or in other words the profitability to the four points. This can be achieved by allotting the vaccant rooms to a least benefit by giving certain concessions and at the same time through some simple enhanced services instead of the costly ones. Like instead of giving coffee machines can provide coffee to the persons directly twice a day or else providing some decent but cheaper drinks. So the vacant rooms also will be occupied and at the same time the lesser cost will be tallied using this system.

Also making the conference halls well equipped. But ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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