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Conceptual Model in Mental Health Nursing - Essay Example

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The current client under discussion in this literature is in need of support from mental health care providers to assist him with reintegration into the community. His diagnosis clearly defines him as suffering from delusions, signs of paranoid schizophrenia, and is experiencing auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations as well…
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Conceptual Model in Mental Health Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, the client is having a difficult time reorienting himself into his Muslim culture. Basically this client needs the service providers to establish a health model that will provide him with more information about his mental health illness and give him clear perspectives concerning the form of treatment that would be best for him.
A good percentage of information and research shows that the psychodynamic model would be good for him because it would help him come to accept his situation fully and then would allow for him to be able to cope and be involved in the decision making areas of his treatment process. This would allow him to be able to fulfill his desire of continuing his education as he would be more comprehensive about what his illness entails and what to expect from the mental health care providers with regards to his treatment. Of course this does not mean that he won't require a supportive environment to help with the emotional pressures that he has to face. The utilization of the psychodynamic model can bring a better enlightenment into all of these issues, not just for this client but for the service providers as well.
This client suffers from many repressed memories which have led to him developing a mental health illness that is ultimately crippling his ability to c...
el is very useful in bringing about awareness within client's, concerning their past circumstances that are either adverse or even positive (Blum 2003). This is done in stages and carries with it a very humanistic appeal which in many ways shelters the client but not to the point of overshadowing their memories that are being brought forth. This model deals with the patient on a very humane and caring basis, recognizing them as human beings who need help and have needs just as anyone else (Gabbard 2004). The main reasoning behind choosing it is this client is already suffering from depression, schizophrenia, delusions, hallucinations, false auditory and visual perceptions and other troubling problems as well. It is believed that the psychodynamic model will allow for the service providers to get to the root causes of the problem and thus facilitate means to assist the client in dealing with these repressed memories and current daily problems as well.

The Psychodynamic Model and it's Advantages
It has been unquestionably proven that the psychodynamic model is very helpful for the service providers as it helps them in acquiring a firmer understanding of all of the needs of the service user (Smith 2002). For this client in particular this is extremely important as there are a multitude of issues that are taking place which in fact are complicating his illness and treatment process. Furthermore, the psychodynamic approach is far better in assisting this client for many other reasons other than what has been stated as well. While some mental health care models only look at the medical circumstances, the psychodynamic approach looks at socioeconomic and personal causes as being probable reasons why a specific mental breakdown occurs. It also draws upon more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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