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Manage budgets and financial plans - Essay Example

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Communication can be defined as the method or means by which information of any kind can be conveyed from one person or place to another person or place. Communication can be in the form of a speech, sign language, body language and writing. While communication can be one thing, effective communication is another…
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Manage budgets and financial plans
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Download file to see previous pages Effective communication is made up of voice clarity, subject appropriateness, and language simplicity. Clarity is an important component of effective communication. Unless communication between individuals or groups is clear, communication will lack direction and can be misinterpreted. Communication is a vital link in our life. Business dealings, financial markets, legal or medical opinions, education, sports or entertainment are all a part of our life. To sustain or succeed, communication is vital. Wars have been won and lost through the use of effective and non-effective communication. Subject appropriateness is another component of effective communication. I, as a speaker must be able to deliver precise, subjective information to make you and others receptive to what I say. If I were to repeatedly go on lecturing without any participation from the audience, the whole exercise would lose its importance and nullify the objective. Also, if I were to go on stage and make a presentation without proper preparation, it may end up being monotonous, elaborate and finally go down as being a drab. An unprepared elaborate speech will only rebuke the audience. No one likes to be held up by lengthy lectures or speeches. The listener/audience will soon begin to lose interest and direction. Time is precious. Effective communication must thus be precise and concise. Language simplicity is the third feature in effective communication. Use of strong language can harm the intent of such an exercise. Confusion will prevail. The purpose of making a point will be lost. What good would it be, if I were to use strong language that finds most people in the audience searching for meanings Simple language that is easily understood will make the presentation most effective. The idea is to make those present understand the focus of the presentation and at the same time the reason behind it. Thus, it must be said that for effective communication, clarity, appropriateness, and simple language is important.

In order to understand how effective communication can deliver the desired results at a professional level, I have traced three potential scenarios:

1. An address to team leaders on the introduction of the annual budget
2. A departmental meeting citing the reason for a budgetary cut
3. A capital proposal in an operational area

2.0 Effective communication and strategies while introducing an annual budget: and explaining their responsibilities to the team leaders within your department

To present a company's annual financial budget to leaders of various departments calls for very precise and informative data. First and foremost, I, as the speaker must be well versed with financial terms. I should be able to interpret and conclude to all team members the logic behind any thrust in funding a particular project or division. It must be understood that all information being spelt out by me is in keeping with the company's new policies, and approved by senior managers and board members. At no point of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Manage Budgets and Financial Plans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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