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Burger King and Mc Donalds - Case Study Example

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Burger King wants to be the market leader in the French Fry market. It wants to be the French Fry King. After the considerable success and competitive edge over Mc Donald's in the hamburger chain, Burger King wants to attack Mc Donald's Golden Arches which remain the strength of Mc Donald's.
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Burger King and Mc Donalds
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Download file to see previous pages Realizing the importance of this Burger King has launched a donation with VISA to fund Foundation Education Program.
Product Research & development and a strategy of continuous innovation: Keeping an eye on the changing consumer tastes and allocating budgets for testing of different variants helps a company keep abreast of change. This strategy was initially successful and consumers started preferring the Burger king fries. However, it was not successful in the long run due to inefficient implementation.
Excellent Branding and Marketing Activities: In 1998, when Burger King launched the fries with the tag line "Decision 98: Try the Fry America" and the Free Fryday giant national giveaway eventually led to Burger King's Fries being ranked number one as compared to the Mc Donald's Fries for the first time in history.
The greatest weakness of Burger King is the strength of the franchisees which on the whole does not work in favour of Burger King. The reason for this is that franchisees have formed some type of a unionized cartel and has the strength to actually steer the management's decision.
Another weakness lies in the product. The procedure for making coated fries is so difficult and involves so many stages that there is no margin of error and even a small variance in the ingredients leads to spoilt taste.
Vision: Burg
External Analysis: Opportunities Vs Threats
The increase in per capita consumption of fries from 6 pounds to seven pounds is an opportunity in itself which Mc Donald's has made use of but Burger King could not capitalize on it.
The greatest threat is entry of competition. In the last few decades One Potato Two Potato has become very strong in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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