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Secure Computer System - Essay Example

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A computer security incident can be a result of a computer virus, a system intruder, other malicious code, a sabotage from an insider or an outsider. The term may also cover to broadly describe incidents which resulted from rigorous malicious technical activity, and as expert replies, could produce severe damage (National Institute of Standards and Technology Technology Administration, 1997).
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Secure Computer System
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Download file to see previous pages Firewalls are the most common security measures for computer networks. Certain mechanisms are put in place in order to provide adequate security to protect resources on the trusted network against potential access by attackers. There are numerous mechanisms in network security, one of which is the DMZ or Demilitarised Zone. DMZ is a network which is semi-protected and is common to medium scale to large scale enterprise (Pickering, 2009).
DMZ has two (2) disadvantages: First, the firewall can be created to pass trusted'' services within the application gateway(s), thus, subverting the policy. The trusted'' services which get passed all around the application gateway typically end up being in contact with the site systems. Another disadvantage is placed on the routers for the
provision of security. Packet filtering routers seemed complex to configure and errors could disclose the whole site to security holes (Wack, 2009). Added by Pickering (2003), the application proxy firewalls usually require frequent software updating to run the latest versions of the proxy code. This is important particularly when new exploits are detected, needs to be blocked, and in the event when problems emerge interactions between the proxy as well as widely deployed applications. Meaning, when the proxy is found actually breaking.

3. Using a Microsoft XP or 2000 system, open Internet Explorer. Open Internet Options under the Tools menu. Examine the contents of the Security and Privacy tabs. How can these tabs be configured to provide: a) content filtering, and b) protection from unwanted items like cookies
Some actions that Microsoft XP or 2000 system allow a user to do in order to configure content, filtering, and protection from unwanted items like cookies are: 1. To personalize Windows XP settings for each user; and also 2. To assign user to create accounts and passwords in the computer to control the users who can access on the system. In other words, users who are not the "administrators" will have no access, unable to change critical system files or delete it. The system may also be upgraded by logging off from a regular user account, then, logging back in as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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