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Methods Available for Maintaining Computer System Security - Coursework Example

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The paper "Methods Available for Maintaining Computer System Security" states that the computer system has reached an invaluable stage. The need for computer system increased multifold with the advent of the internet. The internet has brought with it several threats to the computer system. …
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Methods Available for Maintaining Computer System Security
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Extract of sample "Methods Available for Maintaining Computer System Security"

Download file to see previous pages In the process related to denial of service, an adversary looks for preventing someone from using any feature of a computer system. This intention is accomplished by trying up or monopolising significant resources. Therefore, a total solution for any computer security system has to meet the three requirements like integrity, secrecy or confidentiality, and availability. Integrity relates to preventing improper or unauthorised modification of any data. Secrecy or confidentiality relates to the protection of any data or information from unauthorised disclosure. Availability means avoidance of denial of any authorised access to services as well as information. These requirements are of paramount importance in almost all of the computer systems. The security-related problem of a computer system is resolved by maintaining a division between various data as well as computing-related resources and the user of the computer system. This prevents any misuse of data and information. This separation can be achieved by involving three subproblems as a part of computer security i.e. mechanism, security policy, and also assurance (Yu & Jajodia).
In the past few decades, data and information have grown in stature. In different sectors like business, financial sectors, government sector, military, hospital data and information are transmitted across various networks. This data transmission has brought with it the need to secure the network in order to prevent misuse and forgery of data. In the information and data security concept, the basic three elements are availability, confidentiality, and integrity. It is highly important for an organisation or an individual who is using a computer system to transmit data to adhere to these three concepts to protect and secure their data.
Data security is critical for any organisation in this era of high tech information system. Business organisations use computers and networks to store various information like client information, personal files, payment information, bank account related details and information. This information’s are extremely sensitive to an organisation.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Methods Available for Maintaining Computer System Security Coursework.
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