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The increasing use of computers in schools - Essay Example

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There is only one thing that young people these days cannot live without: The computer. The advent of the modern and advance technology computers in this generation has dominated the lives of the students and has transformed those of the educators as well…
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The increasing use of computers in schools
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, schools have introduced the use of computers not only to improve students' academic performance but also to increase students' familiarity with new technologies as well as make learning fun and effective for students.
The introduction of computers in schools aimed first to improve students' performance in their academic subjects. Educators believe that the computers facilitate ease and convenience especially when these are used by the young people to write papers or do research. Studies done by researchers at Boston College state that regular use of computers in order to do research and write paper can improve students' writing abilities. These students are said to perform better in schools than those who don't use the computers on the same undertakings (O' Dwyer et al, 2005). Researchers also found out that the students' constant use of the computer results to higher score in standardized writing tests as a consequence of their learning from producing drafts, editing to correct errors and writing the final copy. In addition, computers have made the access to information swifter as students do not have to browse through books in the library in order to search to gain access for hard to find data. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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