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My dear friends, we, the members of the congress, condemn the policies adopted by President Andrew Johnson for reconstructions, as these are not for the benefit of the people as he falsely claims. We the members of 40th Congress publicly are not agree on such human degrading policies…
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Andrew Johnsons Reconstruction Policies
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A speech denouncing President Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction policies My dear friends, we, the members of the congress, condemn the policies adopted by President Andrew Johnson for reconstructions, as these are not for the benefit of the people as he falsely claims. We the members of 40th Congress publicly are not agree on such human degrading policies. He is a southerner and is ruling in a northern administration, then how can such person, will understand the requirement of our nation. He will only talk about this own places and do the things which are benefit for his people, not for us. He is always going to combine southern and northern political ideologies in reconstructions and making always the things a mess. This type of inconsistency is not tolerable for us. His ideology and will are not for us. We need more and more changes for out country to reach at respectable position. He is certainly not a suitable person for the post of our President; he should immediately be removed from his post. For that we have to come as a united power and through him away from the thrown situation in the nation. If he will remain one day more on this valuable post, he will do a great harm amounting to one year, as he is a curse for the people. He is a demon for the people and he will eat all the resources from the man and make a mole-hole to the nation. Now as the Senate has came within a single vote, we will put a trial for impeachment and certainly we will success in our mission, if we stand united. So my dear friends let us come together and push him out.

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Linder, Douglas O. The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson Impeachment. 2009. 29th April, 2009, Read More
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