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Human Resource Management: workplace management - Essay Example

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An academic theory or a business practice, in which workforce is managed through its theoretical and a practical technique is termed as Human Resource Management. Mainly, the employees with varying needs and goals are given primary importance in this hypothetical discipline, and do not allow the thought to think of them as basic business resources, for example, filing cabinets and trucks…
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Human Resource Management: workplace management
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Download file to see previous pages The academic theory of Human Resource Management's basic premise is that humans are not degraded as just machines. Therefore, an interdisciplinary assessment of populace is necessary in the workplace. As a result, psychosomatic, sociological, industrial fields, and post-structuralism, post-modernism critical theories play a major role in the aforementioned regard.
In recent years, varieties of performance enhancing and progressive human resource management practices are adopted by the U.S. companies, to improve their competitiveness in the global marketplace. These recommendations may be unsurprising, because the way of managing people in an organization influence its performance was more emphasized by the professionals and academics. Therefore, many testimonials were produced in the last decade to the value of progressive human resource management practices and their regarding systems.
In particular, improvement of the performance of organizations is widely due to the staff involvement, empowerment, job redesign, extensive employee training; team based production systems, and performance-dependent inducement compensations.
While assuming the staffing selection and its quality, many employers seek fresh graduates for the colleges, with a major in human resources, industrial or labor relations, human resources administration. Rest of them seems to be looking for the graduates with a business background or a kind of arts education. Previous experience is an asset for many specialized jobs, for example, the jobs of arbitrators, mediators, and managers. Due to overwhelming supply of these qualified college graduates, keen competition for the jobs is expected from the employers.
The success of any organization is very significant in regard of attracting the qualified employees and their matching for the suited jobs. However, it is impossible for many large enterprises to allow the top management to be in the close contact with the employees. This connection is provided by the labor relations, training, and human resources managers and specialists. In the past, the performance of the managerial functions of an organization was related to these abovementioned workers, such as handling employee benefits, interviewing, recruiting, and hiring new staff as per the policies and the requirements of the top management of the organization.
Nowadays, top executives are consulted regarding the strategic planning to manage the tasks by these human resources employees. These workers have come up from their behind the camera work to leading the corporation by their suggestions and improving the policies. The financial success of an organization is due to the significance of the human resources management department, and therefore, is recognized by the senior management. These workers are also helping the organizations, in an effort to augment their productivity and morale, performance and their business results by using employee skills and providing required training and giving opportunities to develop themselves, to increase the satisfaction of the employee in their working environment. While some jobs do not require close contact with the public, but still, dealing with people is an important key factory ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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