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Letter for imigration about the reinstatement - Essay Example

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I am humbly begging from your good office that I be given the chance to be reinstated in the United States of America. I am - of Indonesia, a - student of - and I am still very willing to pursue my studies. I must admit I have failed in some of my grades…
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Letter for imigration about the reinstatement
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But I promise to make up for it. I only have two quarters to finish before I could graduate. That is why I am hoping that my three years of studying would not go to waste. I came here for the sole purpose of attaining good quality education and I have high hopes not just for myself but for my country as well. I am also considering to be of service to your country in many ways I can. Add to that, your standard of teaching has been known around the world and I cannot just let go of this great opportunity.
Besides, I am financially capable of supporting my schooling. I never had a bad record or a history of deportation. For the past ___ years, I have been a law abiding citizen, never tarnishing the reputation of your country nor that of Indonesia. I was never involved in crimes, fraud or any other violations of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations. The documents attached herewith would prove that. For one, my immigration documents are valid and accurate. Rest assured I will continue to follow rules and maintain my status as an international student if I be given a chance to study in your country again. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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