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Response to Toward a New World Order - Essay Example

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The Former U.S President George H. W. Bush in his address speech to a joint Congress on the Persian Gulf War gave highlights on how the Gulf War had created an opportunity for an establishment of a New World Order in order to stabilize the security situation that America and the entire world was facing…
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Response to Toward a New World Order
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Extract of sample "Response to Toward a New World Order"

Download file to see previous pages According to George H. W. Bush, Iraq, under the leadership of the dictator Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait by sending about 120,000 troops to effect the course. And as if that was not enough, they were also advancing towards Saudi Arabia to cause more havoc. At that point, it called for an immediate response by the American Armed forces troops and others from over twenty nations under the United nations Security Council to ensure that Iraq withdrew from Kuwait without setting any conditions...and peace will be then restored to the Gulf. By dubbing the action a "New World Order", the former president meant that it was time for all the nations in the globe to unit against common evils that threatened to shake to the very foundation the peace that is enjoyed by all. He hoped for a world where the Rule of Law would be respected, a world where collective responsibility would be embraced by all nations; unless such a state is achieved then prosperity and harmony would still remain a dream.
The intention of Saddam Hussein to send troops to invade Kuwait was not in any way acceptable, it was out of financial greed for oil deposits and political need to widen his boarders. Since by the time, of the inversion, Kuwait was already a sovereign state, their boarders was supposed to be respected by any country;Iraq inclusive. If Saddam wanted a business partner, there were several civilized options by which he could get that...but that seemed not to be his idea. His refusal to honor dialog and make a peacefully exit showed that he was out to destabilize the peace in the Gulf and control the world oil market. But one thing though is apparent, just as the United States wanted be the super power, so was Iraq, what made the difference was however the approach that Saddam used, that of intimidation. It was all out of conflict of interest and a shared objective. Controlling of oil prices and creating cartels was a perfect idea and a good recipe to create political instability in the entire globe. The level by which the United States government agreed to put the life of their men and women on the line just to restore peace for the whole world shows that the country really has the world at heart and its objectives are genuine.
Having a fully united world has got its bad and good sides. One major advantage would be having a united front in the fight against global evils such as terrorism, corruption and addressing issues of environmental concern. But on the other hand, it is feared the politicians may take advantage of such a situation and push for the establishment of policies which may prove intimidating to the developing world. This is evident in the recent negative effects brought about by globalization and the free market policy where the developing countries are finding it hard to match the stiff competition that the developed countries are posing.
But all said and done, it is an open secret that by having an umbrella body that controls management of governments, it would promote accountability and democratic governance. Having an organization that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Response to Toward a New World Order Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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