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The loving and helping of Mother Theresa - Essay Example

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This essay will illustrate the lifetime of helping that Mother Theresa was dedicated to and will illustrate how her lifelong commitment to loving and helping others applies to the quote others to the quote "after the verb" to love," "to help" is the most beautiful verb in the world." Mother Theresa's dedication and how it applies to the quote will be illustrated using examples of her work.
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The loving and helping of Mother Theresa
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Extract of sample "The loving and helping of Mother Theresa"

The loving and helping of Mother Theresa Outline Topic: Loving and Giving of Mother Theresa General Purpose: To illustrate the loving, giving nature of Mother Theresa through the use of examples
Specific Purpose: To relate to the giving Mother Theresa gave to the needy of the world was selfless and because of love for the people and Christ.
Central Idea: That the concept and the act of giving and helping are as great of a gesture as the concept of love.
I. Biography of Mother Theresa
II. Illustrations and examples of her love and helping
III. Conclusion
Thesis: There is a connection love and helping. (Refer this back to the quote- the verb" to love," "to help" is the most beautiful verb in the world.")
This essay will illustrate the lifetime of helping that Mother Theresa was dedicated to and will illustrate how her lifelong commitment to loving and helping others applies to the quote others to the quote "after the verb" to love," "to help" is the most beautiful verb in the world." Mother Theresa's dedication and how it applies to the quote will be illustrated using examples of her work.
When she was just eighteen years old Mother Theresa made the decision to dedicate her life to helping others. Her decision at such a young age illustrates her conviction to loving and helping others. The rest of her remarkable life. Mother Theresa selflessly helped others and gave love to all that she encountered.
When teaching school in Calcutta she was devastated at the poverty and the way of life for the citizens. Although she had already become a nun and dedicated her life to God, the missionary and others, she felt she could and help more. In fact she felt the need to help so badly because " the suffering and poverty she glimpsed outside the convent walls made such a deep impression on her that in 1948 she received permission from her superiors to leave the convent school and devote herself to working among the poorest of the poor in the slums of Calcutta. " (Fortune City) The acts of Mother Theresa epitomize the quote being referred to for this essay.
The quote when applied to Mother Theresa and her selfless helping applies the likeness can be illustrated time and time again, She was awarded the NOBLE Peace Prize in 1979. However, this was not the end of her selfless devotion. Another illustration of her g is that after being awarded the prestigious Noble prize she spent nearly the next two decades helping and loving the poverty stricken of Calcutta.

Once Mother Teresa was asked how she could continue day after day after day, visiting the terminally ill: feeding them, wiping their brows, giving them comfort as they lay dying. In addition, she said, "It's not hard because in each one, I see the face of Christ in one of His more distressing disguises." (The Nobel Foundation) Her philosophy on life illustrates the quote being referred to for purposes of this discussion,
To further illustrate her giving nature it bis import ant to take into consideration that during her lifetime spent helping others she managed to raise a billion dollars for charity to help others
Mother Theresa was 84 years old when she died and remarkably, her dedication to loving and helping can be illustrated in almost, if not every day of those years. She helped the sick and the weary. She comforted the children while helping the adults. It was through her help that she gave dignity back to those who had none or never did.
Mother Theresa and the work she did by helping the poverty stricken of Calcutta was so astounding and selfless it can be thought of as altruistic. In fact, there are many who feel she was really an altruistic person.
Judging by her countless acts of helping others and the number of nears she did this, referring back to the quote they may even be larger than love.
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