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This paper talks about Mother Teresa's life, her points of view, her kindness and big heart. She became the “spouse of Jesus for all eternity” by taking the Final Profession of Vows in 1937. She became Mother Teresa from then on. She became the principal of the St. Mary’s school in 1944. …
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Mother Teresa
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Download file to see previous pages This paper stresses that Mother Teresa was always passionate about missionary life and was able to locate any missionary on the map and tell their service given at each place. This probably led later to becoming a missionary herself. Let us take two different theories of Personality – Entity theory and Incremental theory and try to apply it to Mother Teresa’s life. Entity theory states that personal qualities, which are inherited or learnt from the parents or at home, are stable over the time. Incremental theory stresses that personal traits are changeable and can be developed over the time.
This report makes a conclusion that she was much influenced by her mother for caring, loving and helping young and old, rich and poor all alike and to believe in God and to pray. Her mother Drana made sure that her children never wasted their time and had a helping mentality towards the poor and needy. This was deep rooted in Mother Teresa’s mind from her childhood and stayed till her death. This supports the entity theory. It just kept improving and she made her area of service broader by treating the sick and the dying. Loving and caring for children and poor was innate in her. Treating the sick was an acquired skill though the urge to do so came from within. Mother Teresa believed that God asked her to take care of the less privileged and thereafter she put her entire life into fulfilling God’s demand. So the aspect of treating the sick and dying can be attributed to the incremental theory. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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