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Team Nietzsche - Essay Example

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W2. Introduce a formal change process to initiate customer changes and ensure that all departments are involved with customizing products for customers. In order to facilitate this process, a software database should be implemented across the company to ensure proper flow of process are in place wherein sales, manufacturing, and engineering must be prepared to accept requests, alter existing schedules to allow for customization, and work together to ensure that the customization can occur without delaying schedules or creating conflict.
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Team Nietzsche
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Download file to see previous pages By automating the ordering of parts directly from the parts manufacturing will cut down on the delay of customer shipments.
W4. Conduct a time study to review the tasks within the engineering and manufacturing departments and also the workflow between them to improve scheduling efficiency and determine whether any buffers can be achieved. Review the possibility of paralleling tasks within each department or from engineering. The work process of first-come, first served, should be reviewed to determine whether a more efficient process can be created to improve response, and decrease dependency on the existing linear flow. Paralleling tasks may help.
P1. Henry must provide more autonomy and empowerment to his Managers. He must also lead as a role model by encouraging that rules and structures are adhered to. Henry must be provided with the company's manual with respect to how they expect manager's to govern their departments.
P2. Ron must be given more autonomy and empowerment to manage his responsibilities. He requires further management training to develop his skills by becoming more familiar with the business and the products. Ron must be trained in current conflict management methodologies that are outlined in the company manuals. Ron needs to be provided with incentives to ensure that he is reinforcing company values and goals.
P3. Lily Crofton's personality and management style lead her to be an ineffectual leader. She tends to focus more on rules than achieving growth.
P3. Provide Lily with incentives to increase her motivation, performance, and reinforce company goals and values. Lily should be given training to improve her leadership skills, and conflict management skills.
P4. Reuban King's personality and management style conflict and leads to an ineffectual management style.
P4. Provide Reuban with incentives to increase his motivation, performance, and reinforce company goals and values. Ron should be given training to improve his leadership skills, and conflict management skills.
P5. Wahid lacks the motivation to influence others to meet deadlines and to realign his department's goals with the goals of the company. His personality and culture reflects polychromic views pertaining to time and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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