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The Food Safety - Personal Statement Example

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Being a cooking enthusiast I have become more aware of the possibility of getting a food borne illness from food that has been improperly stored or prepared. Since I have been at Penn State I have noticed numerous occasions where students fail to follow the simple guidelines it takes to insure food safety…
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The Food Safety
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, some time should be set aside during orientation to present and briefly review the pamphlet, and its importance, with the incoming students.
The letter to the Dean would take a direct and professional tone. I understand that he is a busy man and I would go directly to the issues of magnitude, importance, and ease of reducing the risk. I would use statistics from the Center for Disease Control and a short quote from the US Department of Agriculture that shows students have unique needs. I would impress upon the Dean that by following a few common sense rules we can greatly reduce the cases of food borne illness on campus. Though the letter will be addressed to the Dean, it would be reasonable to assume that other senior staff and faculty members will read it.
As the Dean of the College of Agriculture he is probably aware of the many pamphlets that already exist on this subject and may view it as a redundant effort. However, I have reviewed several of these and they are written for professionals, homemakers, and commercial use. I was unable to locate one aimed at students. The reason that a new pamphlet is needed is to target the students who have a unique lifestyle and do not have a health or science background. As well as giving students something to read, it would highlight the issue and put it in the forefront of the students' minds.
This program would benefit the University as well as the students. It would remove some burden from the overtaxed health care system and result in a healthier student body. More importantly, it would reduce student absence, which directly affects student performance. I plan to appeal to his sense of responsibility to the school and the student body, and will approach him as the one person who is in a position to have the imagination to do something about this problem.
I expect the Dean to raise the important issues of cost and school resources. The savings to the health care system would offset the minimal cost of the pamphlets and the orientation time. Since the pamphlet is an informational tool, it could be designed and written by a student in the Department of Food Safety and approved by the staff. There would be almost no cost in getting the pamphlet to the printer. Printing costs would be minimal and the information could also be included in an e-mail. The goal is to present information to the students that they can use and heighten student awareness of the issue.
I expect the Dean, as overseer of the Food Safety Department, will immediately recognize the importance of the topic and the need for action. The first paragraph should get his interest by the statistics and explaining the students' elevated risk. However, he may disagree on the practicality of my approach. I will need to spend some portion of the letter persuading him that the students would read the information and make use of it. I would point out similar successful programs that have dealt with safe sex and dorm safety. As a way of offering an emotional appeal, I would show my commitment by concluding the letter with an offer to volunteer my services to the program in any way that I was able to contribute.

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