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Psychology Journal Article Summary - Essay Example

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In this article. Luborsky and Horvath look at how therapeutic alliance has become an essential part of psychotherapy, after having originated in the psychodynamic theory. Therapeutic alliance has the goal of allowing the patient and the therapist to create a relationship, in which the client begins to attach to the therapist during the therapy, and to allow them to become a part of themselves…
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Psychology Journal Article Summary
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Download file to see previous pages While at first he believed that the relationship merely helped the client, in his later works he showed that it not only benefits the client in being able to share, but it also helps the therapist understand the patient, and more accurately assess their personality and needs.
Currently, the view of therapeutic alliance is that as the relationship between the client and the therapist develops, the patient is able to transfer their feelings and thoughts and frustrations to the therapist, which allows the patient to let go of what they are carrying. This is a far more successful therapy than merely sharing feelings with a complete stranger.
While alliance has been shown to be helpful during therapy, future work and study is still necessary to determine exactly how helpful the therapeutic alliance is, and when it is best used, and when it is best foregone. Future studies will allow therapists to review and study the affect of the therapeutic relationship on the patient-therapist interaction, and the overall success of therapy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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