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Professional Integration - Essay Example

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Management Service Organizations have gained popularity over the years as more and more hospitals and health system affiliations have resorted to it. Aside from the evident substantial benefits these healthcare companies could attain from MSOs,it is beyond question that one of the driving factors of the rise of MSOs today is its capability to enable companies to find external organizations to perform the business tasks that they are not good at…
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Professional Integration
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, the Good Idea Company model aims to perform specialized medical core and noncore functions wherein the tasks concerned depends upon the command of the customer. Such commands of tasks to be performed by MSOs include medical transcribing and administrative functions.
Primarily, this model of MSO represents manifold business tasks and operations which cannot be performed deliberately by health professionals. Thus, for these noncore operations which are far from the field of medicine such as finance and accounting, health system affiliations find this model a favorable one which allows them to have the work done by specialized MSOs.
Between the two models of MSOs above, the Venture Capital Company provides more privilege for participating parties for integration. Since the Venture Capital Company aims to generate capital by outsourcing administrative and managerial operations to MSOs who specialize in these fields, they become more focused on their core operations. Hence, this allows a rapid pace of integration for both parties. On the other hand, the Good Idea Company provides slow but sure integration which is only limited to the tasks the customer commands. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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