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On Double Standards - Essay Example

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The World Book Dictionary defines double standard as "a standard applied more leniently to one group than another." Double standards have become very common and acceptable in the present society. In a society where everyone is expected to act in accordance to "what they are," almost every individual becomes a victim of the impartiality and injustice due to double standard…
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On Double Standards
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Download file to see previous pages Men are expected to be more aggressive while women are supposed to be more submissive and reserved. It is readily accepted that some things are naturally "men's" things while some are "women's." For example, a man who is attracted to a pretty woman can always ask her out. However, a woman asking a man out is less acceptable. The commencement of a relationship is seen as the "right" of every guy while ladies can only accept.
The essay will look at the different double standards based on gender. The first section will look at the most common double standards present in the society. Afterwards, the essay will expose the arguments for and against double standard. It will also contain various citations from different authors and social scientists who are experts in this topic. In the end, I will give my own opinion regarding the essay.
The fate of an individual is undeniably almost always determined by sexuality. It is irrefutable that the society where are living in has this preconceived notion of what is right and what is acceptable action for each gender. Currently, society has readily accepted that some things are naturally "men's" things while some are "women's." The presence of double standard is an undeniable fact. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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On Double Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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