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Mohawk - Essay Example

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Extract of sample "Mohawk"

Download file to see previous pages According to Kathleen Gallagher of the Millwaukee Journal Sentinal in a Christmas Day article 2006, carpet has dropped to 46% from 49% in sales of ALL floor coverings since '05. " People have to stand on something" said Haruki Toyama of Toyama Value Fund, in that recent article. Since this trend must have been apparent to the Mohawk Company a long time ago these folks have been moving into the tile and laminates end of floor coverings, hence their purchase and integration of the Belgian tile manufacturer mentioned. Instead of a careful and slow growing conservative company I see a concern poised to take advantage of lower transport costs than since the beginning of the Iraq war; along with an integrated tile manufacture, to challenge Shaw's leading market share in this industry.
Instead of a stodgy conservative slow growth company, Mohawk seems poised on the cusp of an upsurge of growth if one reads into the future with this Sullivan article. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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