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The available facts suggest that PMI is facing a problem which multiple agencies as well as countries requiring it to meet different regulatory requirements thus forcing it to adopt to a strategy which uniquely cater all the regulatory requirements as well as help PMI to save its goodwill in the market.
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PMI and factors for problems solving
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Question#4: What is the best solution for PMI Why Do you think PMI will be successful in solving the problem Explain your answer. Answer: The available facts suggest that PMI is facing a problem which multiple agencies as well as countries requiring it to meet different regulatory requirements thus forcing it to adopt to a strategy which uniquely cater all the regulatory requirements as well as help PMI to save its goodwill in the market.
PMI tried different technologies with lit bit of success however all technologies implemented resulted into slowing the production process at PMI. Thus technology has not resulted into solving the problem. In order to provide best solution for PMI it is important to understand that PMI must integrate corporate social responsibility into its mainstream business activities. To solve this problem, PMI needs to address the basic issue of illegal selling and must attempt to make fundamental changes in the way it does its business.
It is imperative that therefore the best solution for PMI would be to re-assess its selling strategy in order to align it with the market. Market trends are clearly showing a very diverging view as in comparison to PMI's current strategy therefore a complete revamp of its strategies including further refinements in its segmentation as well as supply chain management.
This will allow PMI to be successful because it will re-focus its strategy on aligning it with external reality as well as it will allow PMI to further refine its internal strengths to meet external threats.

Question#4: What People, technology and organization factors play a role in eBay's response to its problems
From the facts provided in case study, it seems that eBay is battling on many grounds especially on ensuring secure, transparent and ethical trade. Since eBay is a unique business model where it earns its revenue by performing the role of an intermediary therefore it somehow kept itself protected from the disputes arising out due to fraudulent and illegal transactions using eBay as a channel.
Since eBay has not transformed itself into a global company therefore the immediate groups of people who have a role to play as a response to eBay's problems are the buyers and sellers. Firm need to strengthen its rules regarding listing its members on the site who actively participate in selling and buying activities. It is therefore critical that the firm must employ intelligent technology to not track individual transactions but also the selling and buying patterns and behaviors of its members. This would allow it to be more proactive in managing the transactions and avoid much litigation if technology is such that it permits it to track a much broader range of individual activities.
Though eBay is considered as a responsive organization however, it is also important that it must improve upon its business model and focus on those organizational factors which allow it to broaden its role as an intermediary who is facilitating trade between different buyers and sellers. In this regard, it is also critical that eBay must further refine its organizational business model to accommodate increasing demands and threats. Read More
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PMI and Factors for Problems Solving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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