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Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward novel - Essay Example

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1.One sentence description: Bellamy's Looking Backward is an essential illustration of technological utopianism, which is an optimistic form of technological determinism, and Bellamy's bipolar society is half organized by scientific-technical reason and half devoted to the pensively rational pursuit of freedom and individuality.
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Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward novel
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Download file to see previous pages In a careful analysis of the novel, it becomes lucid that Bellamy's bipolar society is partially organized by scientific-technical reason and partially devoted to the pensively rational pursuit of freedom and individuality. Therefore, the author makes use of scientific-technical means to solve the social problem of scarcity through high levels of political centralization and a willingness to assimilate the machine culture. Thus, Looking Backward is one of the best known films of this sub-genre and arguably the best in terms of literary merit and wholeness of conception and vision.
In the novel, Bellamy's society is bipolar in nature as it incorporates scientific-technical reason although it is devoted to the pensively rational pursuit of freedom and individuality. However, this scientific-technological advance has not come to pass by 2009, even in modified form, as either socialism or capitalism does not give room for this bipolarity in the 20th Century. Bellamy's concept that such a society would result with high levels of political centralization and a willingness to 'fit in' with the machine culture proved to be wrong.
The main reason for the lack of this scientific-technological solution is that Bellamy's society is bipola ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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