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Logistics is about creating value by accommodating customers delivery requirements in a cost and quality effective manner. Logistic service performance therefore, assesses a provider's ability to consistently deliver requested products within the requested delivery time frame at a high quality level and at an acceptable cost…
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Download file to see previous pages Communicating the importance of logistical activities to other functional activities, as well as to corporate officers, has been a difficult task. Professor Donald Bowersox, speaking at the council of logistics management annual conference in Toronto in 1999, described establishing the link between functional logistics performance and overall firm performance as our discipline's equivalent to finding a cure for cancer.
Definitive empirical results that link improvements in logistics performance to overall firm performance have been difficult to achieve. Some progress, however, has been made. Recently, Daugherty, Stank, and Ellinger (1998) conducted an in-depth assessment of the relationships among logistics service performance and customer satisfaction, loyalty and market share in an industrial setting. Their findings indicated that high levels of logistics service are directly related to market share through satisfaction and loyalty.
Quality within a service orientated company such as a 3PL provider is becoming more and more important because by providing a higher service level , these companies can distinguish themselves from their competition. This is definitely the case for a public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) /3PL provider such as Daalimpex Cold stores B.V. I'm, as person responsible for all operational activities provided by Daalimpex, are therefore very interested what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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