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Relationship between Women and Early Cinema - Essay Example

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This paper aims to outline the debate on the relationship between looking, eroticism, and spectacle in early cinema alongside the role played by fashion and clothing in them. …
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Relationship between Women and Early Cinema
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Extract of sample "Relationship between Women and Early Cinema"

Download file to see previous pages It was said that films embody a complex historical, cultural, and aesthetic relationship which the effect of each result in the other's development (Knopt 2005, p. 37). The cinema is hence not just a social tool that provides entertainment, but also one in which the cultural and social aspects of society are reflected. It promotes intents and clamors for what must be geared for by people in general.

It may be inferred that the cinema has a model of attraction in which the audience is significantly drawn into. This attraction provides a relationship between the viewer and the film, in which a relationship between the cinema and its connection to the era's entertainments and expositions of technologies are highlighted (Strauven 1999, p. 121). What this concept implies is that there was indeed a cinema which offered viewers a specific pleasure, a pleasure characterized by different degrees - from the plot itself to the dresses and clothing of the cast. A cinema of attractions, like the early cinema, addresses the viewers directly and become the privileged recipients of the pleasures. By its very nature, narrative cinema relegates the viewer to the safe position of observer-voyeur (Strauven 1999, p. 121), in which the viewers are given the privilege to peek closely at the physical characteristics of characters, their motives, behavior, facial expressions, and even the manner of dressing. The film spectacle is thus an act of showing which presents sudden bursts of presentations created for pleasure of immediate vision-apparition (Strauven 1999, p. 122). This conception is grounded on the fact that the camera is able to see and conceive things and the world differently.
It was posited that the machinery of cinema involves powers and qualities that allow it to become an attraction machine, in which attraction itself is a corroborative idea that is enduringly present in its heart. Historians agree that during the first few decades of the cinema, a spectacular, direct, and exhibitionist model was created making it a vision machine that offer marvelous visions.
It is clear that women and fashion were two dominant elements in early cinema, existing hand in hand with each other as they inflict new values among the viewers. There was no lead actress that dressed poorly unless her role asked for it, which eventually transforms her to a beautiful girl in high fashion. The women depicted were young ones, attributing to the important connection between youth and eroticism and the corresponding cut of clothing necessary to reveal this eroticism. Looking good is essential in this pursuit in which it is necessary to cast beautiful women with beautiful bodies characterised with slim waists and large breasts which early cinema was accounted for. As we have posited that the cinema in general provides observation and voyeurism, a beautiful face and body are hence important ingredients of these aspects, in which fashion and good dressing are likewise contributory factors. The cinema affects the viewed in a sense that it tends to promote all these aforementioned which the viewers easily adopt and create as a form of fashion style. Certain approaches to courtship, dating and sex are also promoted by the cinema as a form of mass media affecting the habits and values of people in its usage of beautiful erotic bodies and equally good dressing of women characters. Eroticism is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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