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Budgeting Process - Essay Example

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a) Some economic theories had greater impact in correcting the production in budget modernisation by working out on production-consumption cycles. Using the process of co-structuring a producer and consumer can exchange information that might help in increasing the production-consumption efficiency…
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Budgeting Process
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Download file to see previous pages Due to increasing industrialisation the environmental problems are also increasing, it is affecting the climate, bio-diversity and the ecosystem of the planet. Therefore there is an immediate need of budget modernisation for sustainable development. If it's not achieved then it might have adverse effects on shareholders values because firms neglecting the rules may be closed or fined severely.
b) Feasibility study is an important phase in the development process. It enables the developer to have an assessment of the product being developed. It refers to the feasibility study of the product in terms of outcomes of the product, operational use and technical support required for implementing it.
c) According to consumer modernisation the solution to some sort of crisis can be found in more production, more modernity and more industrialisation. Rather than more production consumer modernization purports on different industrialisation and production. This is termed as more -as-different approach. In the present markets the production is more that result in the increase in economy and thus maintaining overall consumption low and sustainable. Thus we could say that consumption is dematerialised. Though the present world is turning towards e shopping still some of us like to prefer the old ways of purchasing things like jewellery, cars, etc.
d) Let's take the case of United Kingdom and its...
Unemployment was on rise and there was no perfect system to maintain law and order between the EU countries. There was chaos all the time. The post war era was the beginning of expansion in the trade sector. The benefits do not come that easily. Treating those who hurt by trade, equitably a difficult public policy issue. The important issues that were to deal with are controlling the rapid growth of trade deficit, high inflation rate and soaring prices of crude oil.
The post war era has seen a rapid expansion in trade and accordingly the economic and political structure has experienced steady and substantial growth. Gaining profits from trade depends on individual economic behaviour. Instead of building own automobiles, manufacturing own goods, producing own food, it is better to manufacture goods in which they have specialisation and trade them for other goods that are required. This thought made the UK a leading exporting country in international trade. The most surprising thing is that the total UK imports amount to only about 12 percent of the country's GDP.
International trade brings rich dividends and imposing restrictions to such exchanges will hinder the further improvement and in realising the true gains from trade. Protectionism is the factor that's becoming hindrance to international trade.
e) In the context of budget process jobs were created and destroyed as well. Creation and destruction of jobs depends on comparative advantages and disadvantages. Cutting of jobs does not have any net loss on the economy further more it improves the living standard and raises the economy.
It is known truth that international trade has positive and negative effects. The wages ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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