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The war of 1812had a great impact on national identity of the nation and its unity, self-determination and state sovereignty. The war of 1812 can be characterized as one of the milestone events in American history which led to formation of the state and the nation…
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War of 1812
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War of 1812 The war of 1812had a great impact on national identity of the nation and its unity, self-determination and sovereignty. The war of1812 can be characterized as one of the milestone events in American history which led to formation of the state and the nation. It is considered that this war is the second War of Independence as it has similar roots and consequences for the American nation1. The historical significance of the war of 1812 is that it opened new opportunities for the American people to fight for personal freedom and liberty, independence and self-governance.
Similar to the War of Independence (1775-1783), the war of 1812 was a result of conflicts between the Great Britain and the USA over spheres of influence and power on the American continent. During the War of Independence, the Thirteen colonies overthrew the British rules and established a new state governed by the American people. During the revolutionary years, the Declaration of Independence was promulgated (1776). Nations desiring to achieve these beneficial ends will agree, therefore, that no part of the American union ought ever to be subjected again to foreign rule2. The American Revolution and the war of 1812 changed international relations and opened new opportunities for international trade. The American government received a chance to trade with the rest of the world and supply cotton, tea and other goods to the Old world. Spain did not fear the rising power of the independent United States as it had when the colonies were an extension of British imperial power3.
Both wars had similar battles and military strategies applied by the US Army leaders. The main military confrontations took place in Quebec, Massachusetts, Great Lacks and New York. The result of the wars was that fforeign trade improved economic conditions of the United states and increased the state budget. The paramount need facing the infant nation was the strength to deal effectively with Europe's great imperial powers. This mode of thinking followed by the new party during the war reinforced the conclusion that many people and political leaders had already reached: the USA must somehow be rid of the African-American presence4. The war of 1812 transformed all spheres of life: political, social and economic and marked a formation of the new nation and the state. Every nation has a right to abolish an old government and to substitute a new one for it. Also, the American Revolution provides the lawful tenure which allows America hold its cultural and social existence. The result of the American war of Independence was a treaty of Paris. According to this document, the British Empire recognized independence of the USA. The result of the war of 1812 was a Treaty of Ghent. According to this treaty, the war was ended and relations between two countries are restored. In other words, British Empire recognized and approved independence of the USA5.
Some Americans came away from the war of 1812 with a higher regard for African-American people than that which they held when the conflict commenced. Unfortunately some did not. While achieving this goal they upheld the idea of America's mission. At those times many people have been also trying to turn back to the origins of the American Revolution. The beginning of the war is not just an occasional event6. The war is often associated with a number of fundamental economic transformations that have occurred on the territory of the United States. The combination of the two factors shaped the development of the other events that took place during the war time.
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