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The complex global business environment presents two major conflicting interest, these are the morality and business profitability. Scholars has attributed that the success of business enterprise does not merely depend on the technical and practical acquaintances of the labor force, but must incorporate a sense of good conduct…
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Business Ethics Coursework
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Download file to see previous pages 1.2.4 Importance of business ethics and morality in the working environment 12
1.3 Problem of Statement 14
1.4 Purpose of the study 14
1.5 Significance of the study 15
1.6 Scope and limitations 15
1.7 Definition of terms 15
1.8 Summary 17
Chapter two 18
Literature review 18
2.1 introduction 18
2.2 history of the research 18
2.3 Review of business Ethics 19
2.4 Business ethics and profitability 24
2.5 Summary 26
Chapter three 27
Research methodology 27
3.1 Introduction 27
3.2 Research methods applied 27
3.2.1 Quantitative research methodology 27
3.2.2 Qualitative research methodology 28
3.2.3 Justification for using the quantitative and qualitative research methodology 28
3.3 Techniques of data collection 28
3.3.1 Primary data collection protocols 29
3.3.3 Selected data collection protocols 30
3.4 Theoretical Framework 30
3.4.1 Variables used in the study 30
3.4.2 Rationale for selecting and using the variables selected 32
3.5 Research subjects 32
3.5.1 Research data parameters 32
3.6 Designing the questionnaire 34
3.6.1 Description of the questionnaire used 34
3.6.2 Categories of the question used 35
3.6.3 Sources of information 36
3.7 Conducting interviews 36
The Research Questionnaire 36
The interview questions 40
Questions to the employees 40
Question to the management 41
3.8.1 Collecting information from previous works 42
3.8.2 Company reports 42
3.8.3 Study of governmental guideline and policies 42
3.9 Summary 42
Chapter four 43
Results and Discussions 43
4.1 Results from the questionnaire 43
4.1.1 Size of the firm 43
4.1.2 Management levels/organizational structure 44
Figure 4.1: hierarchical organization structure 44
Figure 4.2: hierarchical organization structure 45
4.1.3 Code of ethics 46
4.1.4 Updating of...
Previous study shows that morality and business ethics is not only an important and compulsory part of business success, but also a methods of fostering cooperation and honesty among its workforce as well as encouraging candor towards the societal and philosophical issues about the business responsibility in contributing to the community welfare and Environmental preservation.
The researcher in this paper studies the morality of business ethics in a profitable organization. The researcher investigative edge is to determine the effects of morality to the triumph of any organization, determine any incentives given to augment morality in the business environ as well as examine whether ethical issues are mandatory and obligatory for the success and operation of any corporation.
Qualitative and quantitative research methods are applied to carefully study the business milieu with the view of drawing a conclusive result on the issue. The researcher also formulated questionnaires and relied on first hand information to investigate the complex aspect of morality in business from a multidimensional view.
The term business ethics can be defined as accepted or prescribed code of conduct in the business atmosphere. Ethical principles govern the operations of the business environment and incorporate all aspects of the industry conduct, conduct of individuals and organizations as a whole. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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