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All organizations must face up to the challenge f how to evaluate, utilize and develop the skills and abilities f their employees to ensure that organizational are achieved, and also to ensure that individuals gain as much satisfaction as possible from their jobs while making effective contributions…
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HR Pay scale and benefits programs for HR Professional
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Download file to see previous pages A wide range f methods are used to conduct performance appraisals, from the simplest f ranking schemes through objective-based, standard-based and competency-based system to complex behaviorally anchored rating schemes (Snape et al., 1994). Such as (Dessler, 1997):
"There is no general theory about performance per se" (Guest 1997). However, the differentiate between a good, average or indifferent performance could be measured with performance criteria which basis on the empirical evidence. Armstrong and Baron (1998) highlight two central propositions used to justify performance assessment:
(1) People, either as individuals or teams, put the greatest effort into performing well if they know and understand what is expected f them and have had an involvement in specifying those expectations.
(2) Employees' ability to meet performance expectations is based on: individual levels f capability; the degree f support provided by management; and the processes, systems and resources made available to them by the organization.
While Boxall (2003) state that the task f judging a firm's performance in HRM is complex and controversial. There is no single criterion to exam the effective f performance management. It can be argued on three aspects - its productivity, its flexibility and its legitimacy. Pursuing productivity and flexibility goals inevitably involves the management f strategic tensions, including the problem f how to balance short-run needs for stable performance with long-run needs for agility. The role f legitimacy aims to build employment citizenship thus increase organizational performance.
Organization takes many forms, whatever, how an organization is structured, its output is the product f interaction between different employees, departments, divisions and so on. Frequently, it is difficult to determine whose performance has been critical, or most significant, to the completion f a particular task (Price, 2004). In practice, according to Armstrong and Baron (1998), the goals f managing performance are:
- Serving as a lever for change in developing a more performance-oriented culture.
- Assisting in achieving sustainable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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