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Robin Hood - Essay Example

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Robin Hood is a famous character known for taking care of the poor. He used to steal from the rich and give to the poor. He was helped by his fellows who were known as the Merry Men. Robin Hood love to wear Lincoln green clothes. Since Medieval times, there are many different stories about Robin Hood and these stories still continue to live in our modern literature…
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Robin Hood
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Extract of sample "Robin Hood"

Download file to see previous pages One of the manuscripts says that Robin Hood was born in 1155. Another manuscript dates his birth in 1220; another one states that he was born between 1280 and 1290 and that he was a part of a rebellion movement against Edward II in 1320. In addition, there is a lot of confusion over the birth place of Robin Hood. The ballads states that he was born in Locksly, Nottinghashire. They also suggest that Robin Hood was the son of William Fitzooth, who was the owner of the land of Loxley. (Vahimagi 30-33)
In the popular culture Robin Hood is portrayed as living in Nottinghamshire. Many of the early ballads took place in Nottinghamshire, and they showed Robin Hood and his men fighting in the forest of Sherwood. Some of the early references suggest that Robin Hood may have origins from the land of Barnsland which is now known as the South Yorkshire. (Potter 17) There are many different sources which tell us about different locations referring to be Robin Hood's true home. A tradition belonging to the sixteenth century suggests Loxley as a birth place of Robin Hood. There is a well in Yorkshire known as the Robin Hood's well which is associated with him as early as 1400. His grave is located in the West Yorkshire with a headstone of doubtful authenticity. (Potter 19-20) We find the first references to the rhymes of Robin Hood from a poem written in 14th century by Piers Plowman. From the earliest surviving copies of the ballads it is very clear that Robin Hood had special regards for women. He had remarkable skills as an archer and had anti-clerical beliefs. He had a very hostile attitude towards the sheriff of Nottingham, too. (Blamires 28) In popular culture Robin Hood is seen as the supporter of King Richard the Lionheart who was a king in the 12th century. Robin Hood became an outlaw because of the misrule of the king's brother John. One of the oldest ballads known as the Robin Hood and the Monk tells us that Robin Hood had a very little support as a partisan of the king. (Blamires 50-56) The early ballads also provide us with clear picture about Robin Hood's social status. He is named as a yeoman, the meaning of this word have changed over the time from aristocrat to free retainer and landholder. But this word was generally referred to the commoners. In the sixteenth century many attempts were made particularly through two famous plays known as Earl of Huntingdon and Anthony Munday to give Robin Hood noble status. The legend of Robin Hood was also transmitted into Robin Hood games and important plays which were presented in the May Day festivities in the late medieval and early modern times. We find the first record of Robin Hood games in Exeter in 1425. (Hahn 17) But no one was certain about how old this tradition was at that time. In the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries Robin Hood games have flourished. Thorough May games, Maid Marian and a jolly friar connected with the legend. The ballads associated with Robin Hood connect him with recognizable places and there are many people in the world who believe and who are convinced that Robin Hood was a real hero and a real person. There are different theories to indentify the real Robin Hood and for each theory there are numerous supporters. According to some theories Robin Hood was his real name. Other theories suggest that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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