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Edgar Allan Poe The TellTale Heart - Book Report/Review Example

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The narrator of this essay is mentally disturbed. He exhibits the classic symptoms of a person bereft of sanity - nervousness, fixation to someone or something, in denial, and he was hearing things that only he could hear.
He admits to be nervous as he tells of the tale, when in fact he should no longer be…
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Edgar Allan Poe The TellTale Heart
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Extract of sample "Edgar Allan Poe The TellTale Heart"

Download file to see previous pages He now has nothing to fear. No should no longer be nervous as he tells the readers his story. But as he tells of the tale to his readers he admits twice that he is really nervous, of what Simple, the jittery feeling and movements as well as his attitude of being suspicious of the policemen thinking that they were making a mockery out of him are typical actuations of a mentally ill person.
He is fixated with killing the old man. During the initial stages he said that when the idea came to his mind, he couldn't forget it. It plagued him day and night a true sign that the fixation was growing within him. He says that he loved the old man but it was his eye and the way it looked at him that made him want to kill the old man. The narrator compared the eye to that of a vulture's eye that can find its prey through the thickest mist. The eye, that pierces through his very soul. The eye knew him all too well such that when the old man looked at him "his blood ran cold". Perhaps it is this eye that has made him mentally unstable. Perhaps this eye represents the way Poe's Foster Father looked at him when he was already behaving lower than what was expected of him. Remember that Poe's Foster father eventually gave up on him for Poe fell short of his expectations when Poe left school and was always drunk. Perhaps Poe the writer is the narrator. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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