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Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart - Research Paper Example

Poe, in the story, played around the subject of sanity and insanity and explored the subject of human evilness. Although the crime committed by the narrator is apparently punishable by law, one big question that arises is whether or not it is justifiable to sanction the narrator based on the prevailing law the time the story is written. The year 1843 began the evolution of the insanity plea in court alongside Poe's challenging personal situation and self-destructive nature, and these subjects are exemplified in the riveting story of The Tell-Tale Heart. The subject of insanity has been a highly controversial issue in law. Back in nineteenth century, the time when Poe wrote his story The Tell-Tale Heart, the insanity defense had been put in question. In 1843, the very same year the story of Poe was written, there was an assassination attempt on Robert Peel, the British prime minister. According to this case, the perpetrator Daniel M'Naghten was psychotic and intentionally killed an assistant to a prime minister of England because he thought that he was being oppressed (Collins, Hinkebein and Schorgl). During the trial M'Naghten pleaded not guilty due to insanity. The prosecution team, on the other hand, tried to prove the sanity of the defendant by showing how the defendant was able to plan and execute the crime (Collins, Hinkebein and Schorgl). ...
The narrator, who admitted that he loved the old man, just went mad over these “vulture eyes” because he perceived these as evil eyes that

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Edgar Allan Poe: A Tell-Tale Heart
In just a few short pages, the reader can understand the logos of the narrator; however, the logic itself is questionable. Readers need to separate the author from the narrator. The logic in Poe’s style indicates artistic writing, not mental illness. The Story A caretaker finds he is cursed by his ward’s evil eye.
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Apparently, the work of Poe as a poet, a critic and an editor had a greatly impacted on American as well as international literature. In deed, he was one of the first American writers who became a key figure in world literature.
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The story does not clearly mention about the identity of the narrator nor does it clarify the relationship between the murderer and the victim. The story culminates with confession when the narrator’s believes on hearing the continuous sound of heartbeat of the old man under the floorboards where the body has been hidden.
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In today’s court cases, the same scenario plays out. If a person doubts their sanity, or wants the law to believe they are innocent by reason of insanity, they must confess to their crime of murder. Not only do they have to confess, but they have to give their state of mind.
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The short stories The Tell-Tale heart and The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe both portrays the narrators'
In fact, he is recognized as a major progenitor of the many modern literary art works having inimitable, complex, self conscious forms that dominantly influenced the twentieth century manner of writing. To consider Poe as a writer and have his works analyzed is like discovering indubitable treasures that in all aspects deserves merit.
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Symbolism in The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
In perfecting this form, Poe said “If any literary work is too long to be read at one sitting, we must be content to dispense
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He may have needed a wife to help on the farm and she may have needed a husband to support her and save her from “spinsterhood”. She is described here as dressed in
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haunted him every day and every night. He became so enraged and crazy that he carefully orchestrated a way to slay the old man. Despite of the obvious crime that the narrator has committed in the story, he claims to be very sane because he would not be able to successfully plan and execute his evil plan if he is mad, similar to the stance that the prosecution team had during the M'Naghten case. Yet, we still recognize the narrator in the story as unreliable because for one his credibility has been gravely compromised due to his mental state or psychological instability (Wilson and Lazzari 92). The narrator sees and hears things that an ordinary person does not. He perceives things around him in a very odd manner. The character of the narrator is instantly revealed in the beginning of the story. The story opens with the narrator creating a delusional claim that he is hearing things in the heaven and in the earth. Another description that helps me identify this specific type of narrator is the way the story presents frame wherein the narrator seems to be a character with hints to his unreliability (Kirszner and Mandell 34). Basically, this unreliability is not explicitly disclosed in the story but only suggested at. This then leaves the audience to question whether they can really trust the narrator or not and how the story should be understood. At the time the story of The Tell-Tale Heart was written, Edgar Allan Poe was in an extremely difficult situation. His exceptional talent in writing did not help him with his finances. He received only a small amount of money from every piece of writing he
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Client's Name xx March 2012 Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe's “The Tell-Tale Heart” unfolds the story of a madman and how this person carefully planned and executed his crime against the old man whom the narrator lives with…
Edgar Allan Poes The Tell-Tale Heart
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