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Emergency Disaster Plan xyz Corporation - Essay Example

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The XYZ Insurance Company business depends on the information to run through their daily work. This becomes important when disasters do strike. The location of the company is specifically prone to flooding and it is only wise to ensure that every disaster when it strikes is met with a clear plan and management…
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Emergency Disaster Plan xyz Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages If such a plan is not presented and activated in time, it becomes highly risky in the course of time when such an eventuality occurs. The cost of the loss sustained is far higher and in many cases, there is no compensation possible for such losses. Whether this is a flood or a fire or a terrorist strike the company should be ready to take care of the eventuality.
A high level technical support should be planned and there should be a clear commitment from across the company and its management. Management should be aware of the liability and accountability to the company and the public in general. The process would involve a steering committee being set up for this purpose which would enable the members to know the different classes of security and protection in addition to disaster management for different types of companies. It is also essential that an appropriate budget is drawn for this purpose. Budget can be effectively planned only if there is a clear allocation of teams for specific jobs and execution plan for every one of the jobs in the disaster management.
1. Property damages could occur due to water seepage in the company as well as due to wind. In an insurance company, the threat perception is noticed only for the information contained in the computers and the loss that could occur to this data will be the one that would cause loss to the business.
2. Water is capable of damaging the entire computer network in the office which could result in loss of data in the computer as well as loss due to stoppage of work.
3. Loss due to wind could take the form of disrupted wiring and networks resulting in communication issues that could stop smooth flow business. Loss of business activity would mean that clients are not served and orders are not booked. Either of them would result in a loss to the company in terms of finance or in terms of service creating wrong impressions with the clients.
4. Apart from this the company is also vulnerable to external man made attacks in terms of virus or such other external ingression of unwanted elements on to the computer network.
5. The possibility of a fire to the building also exists.
6. The possibility of an earthquake in that area is also possible.
Out of these possible vulnerabilities, the area is prone to flooding and winds of hurricane grade. Therefore, the company should ideally plan for defending itself against such vulnerabilities. In order to safeguard itself against flooding and hurricanes, the company should look for the following measures:
1. To counter flooding, physical security is primary. All back up data taken every day should be kept inside safe packs of water proof and fire proof quality. Fire can also be caused by hurricanes.
2. The structure of the building may be so planned that the building is appropriately raised and built so that the chances of flooding the building goes down to zero if possible.
3. Company should ensure that the data is safely backed up every day and moved to a different location so that even in the case of a large flood stopping the work and spoiling the data in the company main data center, the data in the other location can be called on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Emergency Disaster Plan Xyz Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Emergency Disaster Plan Xyz Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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