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Homosexual Stereotypes - Essay Example

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Sexual orientation is a long-term attraction for another individual and ranges from being heterosexual (attraction to the opposite sex), bisexual (attraction towards both the sexes) and homosexual (attraction towards same sex). While heterosexuality is an accepted norm of the society, the individuals who live a bisexual or homosexual lifestyle are outcast from the accepted societal behaviour, so and so much that they develop a certain kind of negative attitude towards these unaccepted sexual orientation…
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Homosexual Stereotypes
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Download file to see previous pages Homophobia is a feeling of apprehension, worry, aversion, abhorrence and revulsion with the act of being homosexual. This fear and apprehension let the heterosexual believe that the homosexuals are inferior beings and their attitudes, their behaviours, their societal articulation, media and other texts project this. When the homosexuals experience such a dislike and abhorrence, they either have then nothing to do except to hide their sexual orientation or led a life of an inferior being. This inferiority complex when materializes, it hinders these individuals to get to know themselves and accept what they truly are. The problem of homophobiais the result of many false propaganda and many myths about homosexuals and the societal non-acceptance of these attitudes, at some places in the name of law, and at other in the name of religion. Dirty gay 'jokes' and other physical and oral persecution lead many to commit either suicide or to hide their orientation all through their lives.
While the available studies have shown post-dissolution relationships to be important and challenging to formerly dating partners, more research on these relationships is needed. Initial descriptions of post-dissolution relationships (Metts, et al, P. 265-278, 2002; Schneider & Kenny, 451-466, 2000) and the role of post-dissolution relationships in social networks (Foley & Fraser, 1998) utilized samples of heterosexual ex-partners only. In other aspects of relating, same-sex and opposite-sex, romantic relationships have been found to share more similarities than differences.
Specifically, similarities between same-sex and opposite-sex romantic relationships have been found in studies of closeness (Peplau & Cochran, P.321-349, 2002), commitment (Duffy & Rusbult, 1-23, 2000), jealousy, love level, maintenance behaviours (Haas & Stafford, 1998), satisfaction and sexuality. Yet, because same-sex romantic relationships exist in an environment that often does not condone, rarely encourages, and offers few relational role models, the differences in the social context of same-sex and opposite-sex romantic relationships may lead to significant differences between the qualities of and influences on the two types of post-dissolution relationships.
Many people believe that these gays are bad or else they are deviant heterosexual individuals. There is a wide degree of intolerance towards gay men. This is due to extensive negative image propagation in the media, the defiance and indifference of church towards the religious orientation of these men and women and stereotypes of a rigid society. The heterosexual individuals commonly take these stereotypes, regarding the homosexuality and the inferiority of gays, as true. As Arthur Dong illustrated in his documentary titled "Licensed to kill", he showed that these stereotypes appear and increase social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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