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Research Defense - Essay Example

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One of the original frames was West (1994). Cornel West is a professor at Princeton University and is outspoken on social and political issues. His piece "The 80s:Market Culture Run Amok" is an intellectual look at the materialism of the 80s and pointed to some of the underlying effects of greed…
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Research Defense
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Download file to see previous pages This self induced greed would also increase our emotional detachment from the world just as the threat of nuclear weapons had done.
2. What ideas and theories did the frames provide that were a basis for your own argument Why did you choose these particular sources Explain each of your frames in detail and explain why they were used.
The Ronald Reagan quotes provided a foundation for the theory that excessive spending was a political tactic and was encouraged by the government. The Federation for American Scientists (2007) were the basis for the contention that the Cold War was being pursued with the same sense of avarice and spending that was being taken in the private lives of Americans. Capra tied in the influence that technology has had on our spending habits that resulted in enormous personal desires for technology as well as the scientists' spending on advanced weapons systems. Kotkin (2003) and Reuveny & Prakash (1999) advanced the theory that the Cold War's advancement of Capitalism was affecting the Soviet's standard of living by negatively impacting their own spending patterns. They were spending more and enduring the hardships that came with it. The government exploited these small successes in the Cold War through more government excess and increased technology.
3. What frames provided counterpoints and varying perspectives for your paper Why did you choose those Again, explain in detail.

The article titled "Generation X" (2007), which appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat on November 7, 1993, and was reprinted in the Atlanta Constitution, Charlotte Observer, Houston Chronicle, and Miami Herald, contends that the Gen-Xers were opposed to the massive debt left behind by the Cold War years. This generation grew up during, or was born, in the Reagan era. However, even though they were complaining, they were caught in the same trap of excessive greed that their elders had been. Though many would criticize the capitalistic approach and deficit spending, the criticism was often shallow and unfounded.
4. What did you argue in your paper Why did you argue that How did you use your sources to develop and support that argument

The paper argued the technology and the threat of nuclear war had isolated the American public both emotionally and physically. In this isolation, self-gratification was allowed to flourish, and may have been the only satisfaction available. The fruits of capitalism could be explored to a great degree and there would be no personal responsibility taken for its outcome. It allowed for no outside moral guidance and values were quickly discarded. The surface rewards of economics were the only satisfaction available in the world of emotional isolation. They only furthered a sense of inadequacy that was brought on by what we could not have, not by what we had. This was evidenced by the envy of the Soviets for Western material goods.
5. If you had to pick one flaw in your work with the research paper, what is it and why did it occur

One flaw in the paper is the failure to adequately pursue the aspect of the emotional isolation and its effect on over-consumption through the research of academic psychologists. This isolation that was driven by fear and enabled by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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