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Marketing strategies, tactics and techniques - Essay Example

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With the increasing demand that our job require, more and more people are turning their attention into what is fast and effective. With the rush hour and traffic that likewise increase our vulnerability to stress, people demand for a good life paralleled with fast pace…
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Marketing strategies, tactics and techniques
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Download file to see previous pages This is already faster than the normal speed of cars available in the market at present. It is equipped with capabilities that limit the acceleration into 155mph that electronically safeguards the person driving thus avoiding cataclysmic effects of speed in accidents. Question here is, can this be available to ordinary consumers earning meager income enough to support a family of three Or is this limited only for those who can afford the luxury of buying expensive cars like that of BMWs As Steve Job would say, is the cost effective enough to be accessible to the ordinary masses Or will they be confined to subways and busses I believe that consumers nowadays are better equipped with options and better judgement this is why advertisement gets a bigger chunk of investments. In the end, no matter how popular the product may be, it would still boil down to what is necessary and therefore price is not the only consideration here.
With gas prices increasing unpredictably, shoppers would go for the best value for their money. In as far as economic stability staggers due to the erratic trend of gas prices, sellers are at the same time on their toes for tough competition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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