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BHS 328 B.S. Health Sciences Team Building (Mod 4 CSA) - Essay Example

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Team building is one of the most important processes considered necessary to get the best out of your employees working together. In today's corporate culture, emphasis on working together in groups over a single task is encouraged. A good manager needs to understand the difference between a group, a team and a good team (Howard, 1961)…
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BHS 328 B.S. Health Sciences Team Building (Mod 4 CSA)
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, effective communication is the key to successful teambuilding (Howard, 1961). Virtual teams are the ones, most prone to become the victim of the barriers of communication, as they hardly communicate face to face which is usually considered the best to pass your message across.
a) In virtual teams, there are hardly any meetings that take place and in this case, the correspondence solely took place through emails. They met twice a week; however, most of their communication occurred over the internet. Over the past months, the communication between the four members of the team has significantly depreciated. They has been confusion in the air, the members don't feel comfortable working around with the other members of the team. They don't trust each other anymore possibly because of certain events and lack of interest on the part of some members. However, this situation is worsening. They have started accusing each other over laziness and the tone has become increasingly intimidating and the environment unfriendly. There is evidence that suggests that the attitudes of the team members towards each other are not suitable for better communication between them anymore.
There might be various reasons that have introduced this air of uncertainty, distrust and unfriendliness among the group members. One might be that they must not have been able to convince their ideas through writings on the email. Sometimes, expression is required verbally in order to get your idea across. Secondly, the mood in which the two people communicating is not clear because there is no proximity and visual exposure between the two. This can adversely affect the idea that is communicated across. The reason for this is that non-verbal cues are considered equally important to get the right idea across (Harry 2001).
The distance might have also triggered expectations from the other members to work more. When you are not meeting regularly to accomplish a certain task, you tend to procrastinate and delay the work. This habit might have triggered the accusations of laziness on the part of the workers. Muddled messages can also be termed as a barrier to effective communication in this case. The people working together through emails might not be able to get their idea across in the right aspect.
There is hardly any listening that is taking place in this kind of virtual team. They hardly meet to discuss their ideas together; therefore, a very important aspect of effective communication, degree of listening for understanding, is nullified here.
b) According to Kepner and Trogue, Problem solving and decision making are two different developments that require different actions. Problem solving is basically rectifying an error or blunder that has occurred and therefore, is a very important process that the managers have to look into. Decision making is another kind of process that is an activity related to the actions that are expected to happen in the future. Problem solving is something that needs to follow a proper process. It is very important to diagnose the right kind of problem, because if you incorrectly diagnose the problem, it can lead to the birth of other major difficulties (Harry, 2001). Therefore, one needs to follow each and every step in the right spirit to effectively diagnose the problem.
The first thing that is needed to be done in this case is to clearly define the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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